The digital marketing landscape continues to move ahead at a rapid pace hence, the marketers are faced with new challenges and opportunities within this digital age. The Digital Marketing Course is an initiative designed to educate students in the area of Digital Marketing. This form of marketing is of benefit to corporates while having a digital domain trained professional helps project to the larger audience what the company is all about along with Advertising the organizations work.

    Hence it becomes a clear, sensible and an understood fact that people/professionals who are trained in digital marketing are having an edge over others in terms of better job prospects, better employability and a better pay-package. All of this is possible as having a skill set in digital marketing domain is of a very high virtue.

    Where to learn the art and skill of digital marketing

    Quite by far there are many organizations giving training in online marketing. But, a very few stand out from the crowd and impart the most practical and the most extensive training in a wide array of digital media promotion. Some like iMet Global do that for various organizations and institutes by enabling their employees to be trained with the sound nuances of this new and fast growing industry. Ranging from ‘ Social media marketing ‘, ‘ video marketing ’, ‘ content marketing ’ and to studying and analysis of all the marketing process implemented online through the various analytics software. The students are from many renowned, recognized and famous educational institutions and corporate organizations. There are a very few organizations in India offering such an extensive, diverse and up-to-date training program to their students than the one being offered at iMET Global.

    Which all organizations and universities are the students from

    The students enrolled at iMET are from a wide variety of corporate organizations and educational institutions. The students trained at iMET in its previous batches have been from many renowned organizations. The students coming to iMET have been from from KPMG, HCL, Airtel, Mahindra and Mahindra and also many more in the corporates have undergone training in this program. The need assessment for this course is very clear cut and simple. It is the requirement of the future which is almost here. Those who would wish to excel in this field and have a competitive edge from the others and thereby stand out of the crowd would understand this programs future implications and advantages.

    Hence there stands a very obvious and sincere understanding that the reason for as to why these big corporate giants have held a partnership with us in the past. The understanding is that iMET is known in the industry for delivering and imparting of the best and the most extensive program in order to impart and implement digital marketing techniques for the benefit of the organization and also for the individual in context. This it does through its personal branding techniques and the KASA framework of ‘ Knowledge ‘, ‘ Attitude ‘, ‘ Skills ‘ and ‘ Aesthetics ‘.

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