Social Media Marketing Programs For Executives & Professionals

The buzz word in the market is social media marketing and the various programs on offer which are intended for executives or the teams of professionals. These are the people who are employed in marketing, advertising, branding, communications or sales who want to gain skills of engaging themselves in marketing on the web using latest digital marketing techniques. This course is however also suitable for individuals seeking to employ digital marketing to advance in their individual careers.

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The scope of this course is reasonably high for the reason that the future is going to be digitally oriented. Thus knowing the technicalities pertaining to marketing one which is governed through what is commonly known as internet marketing having in it a wide array of different marketing domains. There are two equally important objectives of the course for corporates:

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Career counselling should be done for parents

Parents and children often do not agree over career choices nowadays. Career selection has become a complex task. With new technologies sprouting every day the number of kinds of jobs has also seen a boom since the time globalisation has started. But, we see more of confusion than excitement. A budding student may get attracted to these new upcoming career options but it is very uncommon to see parents support their children to allow them to try something new.

careerEach parent first at least needs to analyse what the child is thinking of pursuing in his future. Most of these new job prospects offer great career opportunities to the students. A deep introspection needs to be done on a lot of questions relating to the industry, the company as well as the future that the job offers. Keeping in mind that there are multiple choice options today, no student or parent should shirk opening to new career aspects. They might work wonders for you.

Talking about the field of digital marketing which has been ever-growing, the companies are spending more and more on digital marketing. Parents today need to get aware about the latest industry trends. More than the students, the parents are the ones who need to get counseled today. Nothing comes out of being obstinate and adamant, on either side. Parents may find that forcing a child into a particular career against his choice will lead to such a level of de-motivation that he stops performing, and loses his self-esteem. Students may find that rebelling against their parents will deprive them of their support in the crucial years when they have to struggle and build up their life.

How can your child acquire the desired skill sets which would help him become successful in his career and become job ready? We at iMET Global are here to help you sail through all the confusions that you as a parent may have pertaining to your child’s career in this field.

We help you address the challenges of the industry. Our Harvard course content, live assignments to practice work profile, professional grooming, personal branding coupled with full assistance in setting up own E-Commerce or placement help us differentiate our services from others. At iMET, our focus is on emerging professional courses and not on a namesake degree. We value education more than any degree. We provide a joint certification of iMET Global and Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (partner institute – NIESBUD) and the enrolled person also gets a free one-year professional membership of iMET’s Governing Council.

If one is thinking of a career in Social Media, then do consider investing in a skill set that benefits in the long run.

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5 Reasons why you should take up a career in Digital Marketing

In the past few years we have seen social media grow and now it has certainly become a part of our lives. It is not only used for personal use today but it plays a major role in the corporate world also. It facilitates a greater visibility to the individual or the company to the entire world. Digital Marketing also helps boost revenue. Digital marketing has certainly give rise to a number of career options:

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4 simple steps on How to be an Entrepreneur

There are many entrepreneurs who want to be successful in life and they want it to happen overnight. But, Rome was not built in a day. So, where do Entrepreneurs get it wrong?

Follow these simple steps to be a successful entrepreneur:

  • Establish clear goals


Starting your own business is a very brave task. But right from the start you have to be very clear that what do want from your business. You have to make sure that what you want is a and you need to be very clear about it. You must have a set plan in executing that goal.


  • Think through your business


Business needs plan, time and devotion. You need to take a deep breath and think your business through. You need to know what you want to do exactly to make your business successful. Make your Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Place and Promotion). You must be very clear about your distribution channels. You have to make sure that the entire strategy that you are making Is very cost effective.


  • Have an early client base


Most entrepreneurs make this particular mistake. They start a business of their own without any clients. Having an early client base is helpful for both you and your customers. It increases your credibility in the eyes of new clients and prospects.


  • Adopt All or Nothing kind of mentality


See, there are people in corporate world who just do their work for the sake of doing. But you have to remember one thing. This business is your child. You are the one who is controlling it and you have to make sure that everything is done at its utmost capacity. Give your 100% to the Business and the Business shall make you rich. If you are entering a domain you better make sure that you are a master in that, else don’t touch it. Half-baked people are the ones who fall.


So, these were 4 simple points that you must consider if you are entrepreneur or hope to become one day.

If you are thinking for your venture in Social Media, then do consider investing in a skill set that benefits you in the long run. You could Enroll Here for our New Batch or drop a Query.

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You are not a “bakra” to follow the herd, You are a new Gen student

Gone are those days when you had limited choices in career. Now, with extreme penetration of Internet among youth, tables have turned. There is plethora of new career avenues. You now have a loads of information and you don’t have to follow what others are doing.

bakra herdHerd makes a person with high intelligence a herd follower and that brilliant mind gets demoted. With an access to this kind of information, you can be new Gen student.

Make your own mark and you shall succeed. People who follow the herd have a set routine with boring life and they do not want anything new.

Young people have make it big. Everyone knows who is Mark Zuckerberg. He too was in Harvard University. He could have gone with the herd and started off with a MNC. But he was not a follower, He was a true new Gen student and Facebook happened.

There is no use of studying for a degree which is not your cup of tea. Different people have different talents and interests. They should make a career in the same field. People who become “barkra” have a boring life and crib about it. If they had taken up what they loved, they will not be cribbing now.

New Gen students are supposed to be very active in all the interests and talents. This helps in be afoot in everything.

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iMET Global is one of the best institute in New Delhi NCR. Courses are for everyone. Our programs are Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship approved. The course is taught by a team of Experts. Our courses are designed in way that it accommodates all the latest techniques in Digital Marketing.

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A career in Social Media?

There were times when employees used social media at their offices when the boss was away, but today, using social media has become an essential practice for almost all the companies across the industry. The power of social media is being embraced by businesses today to build a community which would be useful for the business.

We all know that the prevalence of social media continues to build and so is the demand for professionals who would handle this work of the company. There are a particular set of skills that are required by the industry in order to leverage the ever evolving platform of social media, tools as well as strategies. One of the most exciting as well as challenging career is in the field of social media. There is never going to be any room for boredom. But, acquiring essential knowledge and skills is very important.

Job opportunities in the field of social media are still evolving day by day. You may become a Social Media Strategist, where one has to first create and then implement those strategies in online marketing. New media tools and technology are researched by such professionals, which further help engage with the communities that are online and develop social media marketing plans.

You may also get the position of Community Engagement Specialist. Social media campaigns need to be developed, designed and implemented. Theses campaigns help build new communities online and leverage the existing communities. Content for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube may also be created by these professionals and further measure as well as analyze various social media efforts.

A Content Strategist is also a great position to work. The responsibilities of such professionals include the development of the overall online content coupled with the styling guidance. This type of a professional has ability to see the content across various platforms.

There are various new media initiatives that may be undertaken by a company in a course of time. A Web Analytics Manager measures as well as evaluates the effectiveness of these initiatives. The data is gathered relating to these initiatives and then reports are developed by the manager for further analysis.

Development of social media strategy is often done by the Director of Social Media, who plans and executes these initiatives looking at the overall content that is available to him.

A lot of positions are still evolving and there is no end to this.

The number of people who have been using social media has risen rapidly. So, the question that arises is that how you as a student get started? How can you acquire the desired skill sets which help you attain these positions and make you job ready? We are here iMET Global to help you sail through all the confusions that you have pertaining to a career in this field.

We help you address the challenges of the industry and make you job ready. Our Harvard course content, live assignments to practice work profile, professional grooming, personal branding coupled with full assistance in setting up your own E-Commerce or placement help us differentiate our services from others. At iMET our focus is on emerging professional courses and not on a name sake degree. We value education more than any degree. We provide you with a joint certification of iMET and Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (partner institute – NIESBUD) and you get a free one-year professional membership of iMET’s Governing Council.

If you are thinking of a career in Social Media, then do consider investing in a skill set that benefits you in the long run. You could Enroll Here for our New Batch or drop a Query.

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What Is The Need To Learn Digital Marketing Course For Career Growth

The present market trend is such that the digital marketing course professionals for whom this field is including those in Advertising Professionals group, Brand Managers and Media Planners is shifting onto the social media marketing platform. Creating of marketing campaigns without the application of fundamentals around Digital is no more an option. Then the sales & marketing professionals need to develop an in-depth understanding of this medium to create a workable strategy, this in order to manage digital marketing teams & agencies.

What is in it for the Top Management Of Any Organization

Considering all of the entrepreneurs the segment including CEOs this field Digital Marketing offers the flexibility of starting with small or no budget. Entrepreneurs can think of various innovative ways to reach out to their target audience and convert them to their customers. Unfortunately, there are not many people who can do it for them. They will have to learn to do it for themselves.

The social media marketing strategy professionals bracket including SEO, PPC, Social Media Professionals & Web Strategists this field of Digital Marketing is an ever evolving field. If they are not updating themselves then they will be obsolete in a quarter. All of the Digital Marketers are in a continuous process of learning. Learning of and applying the different online marketing and branding strategies works a long way for the individual.

All the students who are including MBAs, Graduates, BBAs & the aspiring drop-outs then this field is one to exploit. No matter which area you end up pursuing, be it HR, Finance, Marketing, Sales or creating your own entrepreneurial venture, you cannot do it with in-depth understanding of Digital Media. The biggest problem is that most of the institutions are not equipped with imparting this understanding to students. The best way out is doing long-term course with India’s best Digital Marketing training institute Digital Vidya while you are still pursuing your education. Thus it is a profit center to enroll in social media marketing courses for a professional growth in the long run.

A Big Move into Enterprise Social Media by Microsoft

A surprising move was taken by Microsoft when it acquired LinkedIn for $26.2 billion on Monday. After this announcement took place the shares of LinkedIn surged by 47 percent. Both the boards have approved of this transaction but still some of the approvals are awaited. This deal is expected to get closed in this calendar year. Even after this acquisition, LinkedIn will retain its distinct brand, culture and its independence.

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Microsoft buys Linkedin for $26.2 Bn.

LinkedIn is known to be world’s one of the most valuable professional networks and hence continues to build a strong growing business. Microsoft also has more than one billion office users but when we talk about a social graph, Microsoft has none. Hence, it had to rely on Facebook, LinkedIn and others to provide that key connections. LinkedIn is the ultimate business social platform. It has everybody on it, from interns and college students on up to the biggest CEOs.

With this acquisition LinkedIn provides Microsoft with about 433million members and a very solid social graph. This will help Microsoft reach a far bigger audience in terms of social networking services and professional content. The plan is a big one from both the sides.

Analysts have also speculated that Microsoft may also buy as a cloud play.

Microsoft will finance the transaction primarily through the issuance of new indebtedness. Microsoft expects the acquisition to have minimal dilution of approximately 1% to non-GAAP earnings per share, for the remainder of fiscal year 2017 post-closing and for fiscal year 2018 based on the expected close date, and become accretive to Microsoft’s non-GAAP earnings per share in fiscal year 2019, or less than two years post-closing.

A joint conference call with the investors will be further hosted by LinkedIn and Microsoft to discuss this transaction. Microsoft has all the resources, the cash, the balance sheet and the borrowing ability to acquire a lot more.

How To Exploit Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

The present competitive market scenario is such that so as to begin one of your social media marketing strategy this is the best time. The prevailing competitive environment and the government policies in place are all beneficial for the corporate organizations to exploit. Today the ease of doing business is at its penultimate position.

This helps in providing a market to attack and gain a strong foothold in. The best means of doing so is through the medium of digital marketing or social media marketing. All the fundamentals, nuances and technicalities pertaining to marketing on the online front are provided through the means of social media marketing courses. These help in imparting the basic and advanced technicalities centering around as to how to advertise and do promotion on the online front. One can enroll in these programs offered and thereby grow their professional competency index.

Growing Your Knowledge In Social Media Marketing For Your Organizations Benefit

All of these courses help you to attain one basic fundamental as to how to create an organization name, to sustain and ultimately to grow your brands name. Thus an individual enrolling in one such social media platform course is bound to help attain a strong profit index for his or her organization. There are some very important concepts pertaining to helping out any organization grow and make a brand name for themselves in the highly competitive market. Elementary as well as Core digital marketing concepts like social media marketing or SMM, website optimization, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, web analytics and many other are taught to the enrolled professionals. All the individuals eager to learn and make a name for themselves should enroll in these programs offered so as to learn and make a conceptual inclination towards website or online marketing.

Through the marketing options provided by the mediums of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Quora and many more organizations can seek to reach out to more number of their target audience. This also provides them with the option of increasing a strong and a loyal customer base. Such individuals are valued very high by the corporates and are not let go off from the organization very easily. Thus an individual who is having an insight and a certificate around digital marketing course is of a very profitable quotient for the corporates.

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Basics of E-Mail Marketing

The fundamental of Email marketing is one which is surroundingthe form of direct marketing that uses electronic mail or commonly referred to as E-Mail as a means of communicating commercial or fundraising messages to target audience. In the more advance broadest sense, every email that is sent to a potential, target or current customer could be considered as email marketing. This form of marketing is used extensively by organizations to either create a buzz, or initiate a word of mouth marketing and even generate new leads.

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