5 Reasons why Linkedin is a Good Marketing Platform

Linkedin has been around for 2 years before the inception of Facebook. It is the most respected Business Networking Social Media. Microsoft bought Linkedin for a staggering amount of $28 Billion.

Being a professional (or about to become a professional), come out of that Facebook’s laid back attitude and show your Business side. Here are 5 reasons, “Why Linkedin is a good Marketing Platform”.

Linkedin1. Linkedin has all the Head Honchos of your Industry

Be it a First Line Manager or a C- level professional, Linkedin is being used by everyone. Many C- level employees regularly check their Linkedin accounts. CEOs of Startups are always there on Linkedin trying to learn more about their Industry.

2. Linkedin has an Option of adding a Company Page

This might sound a bit childish that what is so new about having a Company page, Facebook too has an option for the same. In Linkedin, the company profile has to clear certain conditions to qualify for making a company page. See, Company profile is different from a Company Page. Company profile can be made by anybody at any instant of time. But, for a company page you have to prove credibility to Linkedin. If, you pass those pre formatted rules, then you can certainly have a Linkedin Company Page. This will also help in making the company credible in others’ view.

3. Linkedin also has an ad service like Facebook and Twitter

Linkedin also has its very own ad service. Linkedin’s revenue stream is from Ads, Lynda (online classes) and Linkedin Premium. Some other factors are involved too. Ads are shown categorically to your future prospects. They are displayed in such a way that it does not look like a typical ad that a person might ignore. If people click on the link of the profile (your advertised profile), it is up to the landing page to convert them into customers.

4. Slideshare inclusion

With the acquisition of Slideshare, Likedin has added a nice company to its portfolio and moreover it has also provided a new marketing tool. Slideshare is a tool where you upload a presentation and it is loved by Google in its searches. Just make a nice presentation about your company and upload it. Free promotion and love by Google. Just make sure that you are updating new presentations on a Weekly basis. New is always on the top of Google search.

5. Finally, the King of All, PULSE by Linkedin

Pulse is a free blogging service provided by Linkedin. Here you can write new blogs and publish them, you can then share your blog in different groups and among the connections that you have. You can read new and interesting blogs and be updated about your filed of interest. You can curate content for your blog from such blogs. Add your company’s name in the blog. Don’t overdo it. Keep it in a way that you are reminding them about you and not advertising. Update the blog weekly.

Small Tip:

Join as many groups possible which are related to your field.

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3 reasons why “Pokemon Go” can be the NEXT Digital Marketing thing

Pokemon Go have taken Internet by storm. It has created a chaos in the World and we are liking it. In 48 hours it surpassed big players like Twitter and Facebook!! Already new laws are being made in US to safe guard people. So, what is Pokemon Go exactly, a company named Niantic has launched this awesome game on 6th July 2016. The game is published by The Pokemon Company. Concept of the game is Augmented Reality, where a player has to roam around in different parts where they can find different Pokemons. When they find them, they have to capture them in a device called Poke Ball. Now, these captured pokemons are trained to battle other players. The game is supported by none other than Google Maps. People are now coming out of homes, walking, meeting and playing game.


Why it should interest a Marketer?

  1. The game is Virtual Reality

The concept of the game is such that a marketer can combine both online marketing and offline marketing (traditional media). Right now, the makers of the game have strategically placed the exotic or rare pokemons in historical places in USA. Now the young crowd will automatically go to said historical places, which they wouldn’t have gone otherwise. Now, here the potential gold mine. If Pokemon Go decides to use marketing revenue model, then we marketers will be glad. See people are going to places to find these pokemons and if they find it in a cool café or a supermarket, then that is hitting two birds with a stone. Your company is now getting promoted to a good chunk of people which you would have problem otherwise reaching.

2. Local business can boom too


Local businesses have a common complaint that online marketing and e-commerce is killing their business. Now this is the time where come back and return to their former glory. Advertise on pokemon go, this will help consumers (players of pokemon go) remember your name, whilst they are not playing game.


3. Niantic knows how to do it


Niantic was launched under Google in 2010 and it recently split itself from Google in 2015. Before Pokemon Go was launched, Ingress was the game which was based on same concept where players were to use physical locations for playing the game. Niantic flirted with the concept. The maps of the game are backed by none other than Google Maps. This ensures surety that the players would know where they are going and marketers would know that they are being viewed.

Amazing thing about the game is that it is merely in its incubation phase and it is competing with the big player. According to App Annie, a BI firm, Pokemon Go’s in app purchases can raise more than $1 billion annually. The game is not available in India as of now, because due to its huge popularity, (which the Niantic was not expecting), servers crashed. The game was released in 3 countries (USA, Australia and New Zealand) on 6th July and is released in European Union on 13th July, 2016. CEO, John Hanke said that the game will not be released in other parts of the world till all the bugs are not rectified and the developers are not comfortable with the fact that the game will run smoothly and servers will not crash.

So, #gotaCatchemall

Consumers – The New KING?

Give them what they want, not what you want

The consumer is very much empowered these days. This Empowered Consumer is a new type of buyer that now exists across almost every industry. This consumer has been shaped by the convergence of the Mobile, Social, Cloud and Big Data mega trends. Looking at the abundance of choice, consumers today do not have to worry about the varieties present in the market. We have arrived a point where the Empowered consumer takes control of the market.

Any consumer today is a global buyer. It’s the world market which caters him today. He has no need to stay loyal towards his home products. He can easily reach out to products and services outside the borders of his country and fulfill his needs at any point of time he wishes to. Empowered by a smart phone and revolutionized by a plastic revolution, the buying process has become real handy.

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With access to multiple points of information, the Empowered Consumer is going to check sources before making a decision. He is smart enough to look carefully at the comments, feedbacks, reviews of a product which are a greater worth to him than maybe an expert’s advice today! ‘Return at will’ is one another tool which has helped the consumer be a king of his own style. Don’t like that product? Send it back with no hassles and receive a full refund. Now that what is called power.

Today the person in the driver’s seat is not the seller anymore but a well-informed consumer. Customers today want the very most and the best for every cent spent, and on the best conditions. This transformation from a “seller’s market” to a “buyer’s market” has certainly brought a revolution which has left no room for the marketers for not to switch to a customer centric approach. Today’s consumers are in a far better position than those of the past.  Therefore, to sustain in the business it is of utmost importance to cater the needs of our customers.

Pool of choices, hassle free returns, never ending feedbacks of products etc. are all adding to the power of the consumer. Only the one who serves the king right is able to capture a market.

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