Role of Perception in Digital World


    Role of Perception in Digital World

    Has it happened with me only or you have observed this too that you went to a shopping center and ended up buying much more than you planned. I think we share the same fate at some point of time being consumers. And followed by it you, just like me, have deliberated over the question as to why did you buy that extra pack of Maggie or a different brand of deo and we successfully convince ourselves that we needed it, Did we? Or we just perceived we needed it. Perception, not a need led us to shell out those extra bucks. And mind you, this was very well thought of plan of the marketer of that shopping store. Rather, perception as a basic human instinct is very smartly used by marketers across globe over various platforms to influence course of actions.

    As you must have observed by now, perception, as an ingrained behavior, influence a lot of our actions and may or may not be true in every case,

    More than physical world, it is driving the online world these days.

    In the digital age when Facebook alone has more number of active users than the combined population of china and USA, every click on the web creates, alters, mars, and modifies perceptions.

    Understanding the fact that consumers are surrounded by a plethora social media content, every moment some companies like apple are allocating a majority of their marketing budget to expand their online presence and also enhance customer’s perception towards their brand while few like Big bazar are spending on online channels to make most of their offline strategies.


    The ability of digital media to allow the companies to reach very specific segment instead of beating around the bush and the opportunity of exponential word of mouth on digital platforms makes it enticing for the brands to have their own extensive social media marketing strategies.



    Individuals are no less than brands in this competitive age. It is a fact that every click on the web is being viewed. So it’s only wise to build a thoughtful perception of the “Brand you” as it is an era when the social media followers matter than the number of bullets in your resume. The problem is – not everyone has skills to create their personal brand and thus stay devoid of the immense possibility it brings forth.

    Here is where short term personal courses like the one offered by IMET Global can be a game changer. Pooled with the social media marketing, content management and personality development develop it instills practical skills and knowledge using which we can hit the ground running.


    Mind you, Perception precedes action.

    So, why not show your perception about the ‘perception in the digital space’. Comment below to share your thoughts with us!

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