5 Things to Learn from Lilly Singh aka IISuperwomanII of YouTube!


    5 Things to Learn from Lilly Singh aka IISuperwomanII of YouTube!

    “What up guys, It’s your Girl Superwoman”!

    27 years old Lilly Singh aka Superwoman is the Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star: Comedy,2016 and Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star: Female, 2016. Lilly Singh is an Indo-Canadian YouTube celebrity who is extremely famous for her videos. She has now become a phenomenon on YouTube in USA and Canada. Talking about statistics, she has about 9.6 million subscribers and over 1 billion views. She is a prime example of YouTube Success. She has become a living brand. She earned around $3 million from her channel on YouTube.  Visit her channel.

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    Here are top 5 Things that we should learn from this Social Media Star:

    Success does not happen overnight

    If you are one of those dreamers who think that success will come to you all by itself, then you should listen to this. Lilly Singh was a depressed soul in 2010. She thought that if she can make herself laugh then people might laugh at her jokes too. She uploaded her first video and guess the viewers, just 70! Lilly Singh, the current YouTube star could not even get more than 100 viewers. She made up her mind. She worked hard, upped her content quotient and quality and she is successful today. The amazing numbers that you read above, it took 6 years of hard work and dedication to reach that level

    2. Consistency is the Key

    What if, Superwoman tells you that she will update her videos biweekly, Mondays and Thursdays. You as her subscriber are waiting and Superwoman did not upload any video that week, you will feel bad and might not look into her channel deliberately for the next update. Lilly Singh makes sure that she uploads videos on time. She even records them when she is down with fever, cough or cold. This happened one time that she could not upload her video because she was on the last stop of her World Tour and her flight landed in Canada. She profusely apologized to her fans. This is what we call professionalism. Did I mention, she was regular in her updates during her World Tour. She was in Rio, USA, Canada, Australia, London, etc. even then in her own hectic schedule she was there on YouTube making us all Laugh.

    3. Engage with the Audience

    Engagement is one of the Primary keys which makes Superwoman apart from others. She reads the comments, both critiques and good ones and replies back wherever necessary. She considers the topics sent by her fans in the comment section. When she makes videos on them she always mentions the fan’s name who suggested the idea. She also has her vlog channel (Video Blog). This vlog covers her back-stage and behind the scenes part and also shares her daily routines. She organises World Tours to engage with the Audience in person. Engagement is the key to build a better brand.

    4. Collaboration is important

    Lilly Singh has time and again proved this. She collaborated not only with fellow YouTubers, but also with Hollywood stars. She worked with James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jay Sean, Kunal Nayyar, AIB, Madhuri Dixit, Selena Gomez, etc. She knows the power of collaboration and does not shy away from it.

    5. Experimentation can be good

    As it is clearly specified by me that her forte is Comedy Videos. But, who said that Superwoman can only be stuck in that image. She is also a Motivational Speaker, mainly for Women Empowerment. Apart from this, she is also a Rapper. She has just released her Rap Video named Voices. Check it out here.

    Now, if you are not impressed by this 27-year Superwoman, I don’t know what do you expect from people.

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