PR Se Pyaar


    PR Se Pyaar

    When we think of Mr. Narendra Modi, what do we think of?

    • Is it “A leader of this time” – Reason for the Modi Wave?
    • Is it “A Great Orator” – Reason of droves of people turning up at his rallies and his public events?
    • Is it “An Amiable Gentleman” – For the throes of hugs and handshakes shared with the global personalities?

    What does a thought about Virat kohli brings to your mind (Apart from Anushka Sharma,Ofcourse)?

    A fearless player? a Go-getter? Self-Made? Ambitious? Iconic?


    While it’s a biblical truth that the men mentioned above have shed their blood and sweat to reach at the Zenith of their fields but it is no less a truth that there have been scores of people putting their PR brains or infact dedicated PR agencies at times creating, enhancing and maintaining the images of these popular figures in the minds of the stakeholders or the public at large.

    PR and image consulting, as opposed to plain advertisement, is different in their approach and the results. Long story short – Advertisement involves paying for publicity whereas PR entails everything but money for meandering the image in the minds of masses.