How effectively can public relations be maintained through social media?


    How effectively can public relations be maintained through social media?


    Maintaining public relations with the various stakeholders are and important thing for ever business. Though historically this was a hectic task to do, it has been made easier now with the advent of social media. Social media provides a platform to effectively address to the grievances of your customers and also enables an organization to take a feedback for their various actions. Many companies these days launch social media campaigns to engage people and maintain a ‘social’ goodwill. Being active and responding on social media has become an unavoidable task for companies nowadays.

    Now, do not think that maintaining public relations through social media is for businesses alone. Governments do this too. The use of their respective twitter handles Mr. Suresh Prabhu (Minister of Railways, Government of India) and MS. Sushma Swaraj (Minister of External Affairs, Government of India) are examples of how effective use of social media platforms to interact with people can lead to personal brand building as well as improved goodwill for the organization at large.

    The increased trend of blogging by fashion, food and travel bloggers is another example of building customer value and expanding the customer base through social media. Because of the general belief that people are able to identify with bloggers at a personal level, many companies hire such professional bloggers to effectively manage their public relations.

    Social media has made PR affordable for small businesses which earlier paid minimum heed to its need. Also, social media platforms like snapchat, Facebook and instagram provide companies a chance to be innovative and creative in terms of their attempts to engage customers. It reduces monotony even if the content shared is of high intellect and newsworthy.

    With the help of Social media, hyper localized PR messaging has become possible. When targeting an audience on Facebook, advanced parameters such as behavior, interest, education and connections can be used. Also, with the help of zip code level targeting along with traditional parameters such as gender, PR has become ever more dynamic. Before the adoption of social media such precise and targeted PR was never possible.

    Here are certain tips for maintaining effective public relations through social media:

    ·        Plan well.

    ·        Identify primary and secondary goals of the campaign.

    ·        Include source sharing with press releases.

    ·        Create social campaigns to engage people

    ·        Seek support of executives by publishing through their accounts on LinkedIn.

    ·        Offer real time opinions and feedback.

    ·        Liven up campaign with contests, offers, and discount coupons.

    ·        Refrain from aggression on social media.

    ·        Pick the right social media platform.

    ·        Make a list of keywords to use in your posts for SEO optimization.

    ·        Get your service or product reviewed.

    ·        Add in visuals and encourage creative content creation.

    I hope all this tips help you launch and run an effective public relations campaign through social media. Happy socialization! Happy relations!

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