Big companies Using Digital Marketing and with great effect!


    Big companies Using Digital Marketing and with great effect!

    1.      AMEX

    The Open Forum website of AMEX is a collaborative website that encourages content on business knowledge and wisdom through industry experts. The magnitude of information on the website makes it popular on various search engines with the benefit of being free of cost to AMEX. This is because, AMEX invites articles rather than paying marketers.


    2.      The Guardian

    The Guardian is highly innovative when it comes to publishing. Its website contains interactive features and responsive content. It manages its marketing strategies in such a way that it can take optimum advantage of SEO and reach international audiences.


    3.      Red Bull

    The company makes full use of YouTube to promote an active and adventurous lifestyle in sync with its own motto. It regularly uploads videos showing stunts and daredevil acts in risky locations.


    4.      IKEA

    Out of all homeware retailers, IKEA ranks high on online experience. It also performs well on conversion rate. The Facebook marketing strategies of the brand are highly successful as they can grab customer nerves. In 2009, it uploaded showroom pictures on a page and allowed netizens to tag themselves on items. The first tag on a product meant the tagger would get it! This became viral.


    5.      Uber

    The customer friendly app is an advertising technique in its own way so much so that the firm does not have to spend huge amounts on marketing. The feature of referral codes in exchange of free rides generates word-of-mouth marketing for the company which spreads like wildfire.

    More than 80% of purchases are made through referrals.


    6.      PlayStation

    Sony’s PlayStation YouTube channel is a favourite among gamers. It involves consistency through a fixed logo at the bottom of every video so that the brand image is reinforced every time a video is watched.


    7.      JetBlue

    The company does not use its handles for promotional activity rather it uses them for better customer service. Its responses include @ replies which is unusual in business marketing and provides customers with a great sense of satisfaction and delight. JetBlue knows best that promotional material is boring and what users want is good service.


    8.      The Shelter Pet Project

    It is a pet adoption firm that brings millions of homeless animals to safe hands. They raised awareness about the plight of animals by building a memorable campaign with the help of FB’s Creative Shop.


    9.      Airbnb

    The company has revolutionised travel and booking. Its digital marketing strategies include how to videos, user generated pictures and videos through various social media websites and popular city guides. Its Instagram campaign makes it a travel forum through attention grabbing images of locations mixed with humour.


    10.  Taco Bell

    It is a winner in mobile campaign. Its new app resulted in 3,00,000 downloads on the first day of the launch. Apart from that Taco Bell dominates social media too.


    11.  Ola

    The taxi aggregator targeted raising awareness through its #ChaloNiklo ad campaign using Facebook during the initial days. It tied up with Myntra to launch the lookgood campaign offering free makeover to Ola users. Ola Share and Ola Café are other marketing strategies. It recently advertised through TVF with a video on how to teach your dad to book a cab and is a major funding source for the company.

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