Today, we know of multi-millionaire bloggers like ScoopWhoop,, Techcrunch and many more. People loved their content, and these bloggers got really rich and popular.

    Blogs came into existence in the 90’s. Back then, blogs were simply used as an online journal for the people to write down their feelings, opinions and personal thoughts.

    But now, the importance of blog is much more than just being a hobby. Blogs are efficiently being used by small businessmen, entrepreneurs, various websites as a marketing platform.

    Here are few Reasons Why blogs are a Must in Digital Marketing

    1. Self-expression

    With minimal following, this platform was so easy to use, that it gave a lot of writers an access to build their own audience and gave people a new platform for self-expression to get their word out, which encourages the principles of a Democracy.

    2. Business Exposure

    The scale of your business doesn’t matter. Blogging and a Digital presence helps you reach your target customers and brings in more customers and hence elevate your sales figures.

    3. Community and Network-building

    As a businessman, you could build your network. As an artist, you could build your fan-base/audience. You could get direct feedback from your targeted customer. It could help you in fund collection, or help you reach your investor, or could be helpful in raising Public Funds.

    Moreover, it becomes a medium of communication with your customers.

    As a passionate follower of a particular something/someone, you could meet like-minded people.

    4. Branding:

    Blogging is an indirect way of branding yourself as artist or a businessman or branding your company or products or services.

    5. Google loves content:

    Blogging means giving out information, and hence this could increase your website ranking on Google or any other Search Engine. Blogging is one of the finest SEO techniques being used by every big brand and well known websites.

    6. Increases Traffic to your website:

    It also creates more inbound links pointing to your website, hence making it easier for Google Bots to find your website.

    Hence, Blogging is used by all kind of businesses as a marketing platform.

    7. Enhances Creativity and Skill:

    A blogger is often referred to as an artist. You could start a blog if you think you have good writing skills, but not enough recognition. Or, if you want to improve your writing skills, you could start a blog. Writing about yourself gives you time for self-evaluation and prospection. It is a very useful skill.

    8. Spreads knowledge and awareness:

    Most importantly, blogging serves the people and help many people to get their opinions out.

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