Social Media and BIG DATA


    Social Media and BIG DATA

    social-media-marketing-best-practices-with-big-data_bigToday we are surfing on internet, visiting different websites, posting, liking and commenting on events and images of our friend. While all this we are leaving our digital footprint which is converted into data and stored. This data is very precious for companies to understand and target their customers.

    Social Media and BIG DATA?

    Today an average user has five social media accounts and spends approximately one hour on social media. Most number of Americans get their news from Facebook only.

    Everyday social media websites are abuzz with communication around brand. Facebook witnesses millions of likes, posting and people’s reaction to different news and photos. All this creates data in petabytes (1 petabyte = 1000,000 gigabytes). But unlike other data, social websites creates unstructured and uncharacterized data. If you want to get a glimpse of how confusing it can be, go through a twitter feed of any popular brand, and also to its Facebook page among other social profiles (variety in big data) should you wish to be more confused, and then try to make sense of this all from a marketing point of view

    All this stands as a testimony of the fact that social media is a big big contributor to the tremendous amount of data produced i.e. Big Data.

    Big Data helps in digital marketing by

    1. Telling who your customers are

    2. How your customers feel

    3. What they want

    4. Their source of information about your brand

    5. How do they arrive at the buying decision

    Chinese Social Credit System – a new dystopia for BIG DATA

    In some religions there are two angels, one which keeps an account of your good deeds and the other about your bad ones. But in today’s world it is going to be algorithms. Regardless of what one believe, world where our deeds are recorded is in near future. Chinese government has rolled out a social credit system which is going to be compulsory by 2020.

    Chinese government has allowed its internet giants, like Alibaba and Tencent only to run and bring this utopia to the realm of existence. Right now they are making the beta version of this system.

    Whenever you post something on RenRen or Weibo (which are equivalent to Facebook and micro blogging site Twitter), you will create a data which is going to affect your score. If you’ll post a photo with a person with bad credit score then that also is going to change to your credit score. For making this large amount of data is going to be needed to process. This is going to be provided by Big Data from social media as more and more people are shifting their lives on it.

    Big data is going to be a big business, which means ignoring them is not going to be a healthy decision. It will not be wrong to think that the more you learn about your customers the better you will be able to target them with your social media campaign, and seeing the gigantic size of data produced by various social channels, it becomes imperative that you make use of big data in your social media marketing campaigns. By giving you a far deeper understanding of your customers and their relationship with your brand, big data will help you fine tune your social media messages, and choose the right social media platform to disseminate information.

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