Live Streaming Presents An Unedited YOU


    Live Streaming Presents An Unedited YOU


    fancred-primary-100616311-largeLive streaming gained importance as broadcasters understood its importance of giving them a free pass over the censor boards. Above this it creates a new enthusiasm among the viewers for providing them an unedited and uncensored interviews and shows.

    Social Media in LIVE streaming

    Today also not much has changed. With the penetration of smartphones, we have got our personal cameras and with high speed internet there is a high speed network for streaming. Although live streaming capabilities have been around for more than five years, the omnipresence of the live stream has only really taken flight with the advent of “Facebook Live”.

    TWITTER the fastest horse

    In March 2015, Twitter announced it has acquired live video streaming company Periscope, a little-known startup. In the year since, the company’s app. It lets users stream video of themselves live from anywhere in the world. It has been used to broadcast footage of refugees crossing the Turkish border and bomb scares at football matches. Now, Periscope looks like it’s ahead of the game – and Facebook has started the race, though a bit late but it’s catching up.

    Recently Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey took a step for live streaming an interview with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. The decision to host Snowden was a bold move in the run-up to President-elect Trump’s inauguration. Airing such a divisive political figure as Snowden sends a clear message to the incoming president that Twitter will not participate in government surveillance programs that bypass due process.

    While news organizations are pulled into the live stream by the tide of attention, so Facebook is also carried by the same tide further into the deep waters of publishing responsibility. The irony of the current position is that news organizations and to an extent Facebook have been in their own very different states of denial about what is happening. Facebook knew the technology it deployed to bring forth Chewbacca Mom would also empower important political movements such as Black Lives Matter. It knows now that every time a violent atrocity is committed Facebook is the default destination, and its actions however automatic are freighted with meaning. And the traditional media have our own private dilemmas as we create the audience for terror or policy theatre.

    Once you’re on air, it can take a few minutes for your audience to arrive. Wait for them: Their live comments and questions will make the experience starkly different from a regular recorded video. Have a conversation, answer viewer questions and be yourself. Like Snapchat, this is your chance to present the raw, unedited you.


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