Digital Upskilling: Invest in Your People

Assess Your Team to Determine Whether You Have a Digital Marketing-Skills Gap
You’ll likely find that your marketing team has a wide range of skills and capabilities. A one-size-fits-all approach rarely works, and you’ll want to maximize any training investment to target the most critical skills.
Look for comprehensive digital skills assessment tools to help gauge your strengths and potential weak spots. Further, seek flexible resources that offer a range of learning options aligned to current industry standards and best practices.
Make Digital Learning Part of How You Operate
The most effective marketers will supplement their technical capabilities with robust skills development programs that help them learn to attain maximum value from their digital tools, using digital best practices that drive business performance.
Upskilling your employees should never really stop because companies should always be evolving and innovating. Digital transformation is, unfortunately, not achieved on a weekend retreat — it should be embedded in your company’s learning practices.
The most successful programs will emphasize structured learning opportunities, access to new content and resources, and on-the-job experience development.
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