Facebook’s decision to go Hyperlocal – how will it affect other e-commerce players?

imet-global-hyperlocalLet’s breakdown the term ‘Hyperlocal’ first and then delve deeper into the details of Facebook has done!
Ecommerce retailers when maintain their own stock of products and operate their own warehouses, it gets termed as inventory based management. On the other hand when they just source it from the local stores and make them available to the customer, whereby, the buyer and seller are located in close vicinity, it gets termed as hyperlocal.
The social networking giant, Facebook has now ventured into this segment in India, which is nothing less than a nightmare for existing players like UrbanClap, QuikrServices and Zimmber.
This move by Facebook was a ‘shush-shush’ affair, which will help customers discover the best rated service providers around them ranging from healthcare to plumbing to personal care and to automotive(repair). Apart from allowing to browse through array of service providers, it will also assist you with reviews and ratings as well. Currently there are 80 services listed under 110 broad categories.
The site is very easy to access that too through personal Facebook accounts, does not seek registration money and demands only a picture and contact details. With a staggering 140-150 million monthly active user base that Facebook has in India, competitors in this segment need to worry and yes they’re justified in doing so.
According to the reports of startup tracker, Tracxn, the hyperlocal services market has seen a lot capital inflow in India in the past few years and the ‘n’ number of startups operating in this much crowded place have raised around $180 million in funding in aggregate. The average number of orders received by these hyperlocal operators in India, ranges between 4000 and 6000 orders daily. Although termed as unorganized sector, the opportunities in this segment are estimated to be worth $100 billion to $400 billion. While the existing players in this segment charge around 10-30% from service providers for each transaction. However, Facebook has not started charging service providers for using ‘Facebook services’ as of is focusing on encouraging users to review and rate each service provider on its platform. Even though, their monetization strategy from this particular segment is not clear, it is expected to generate significant revenues for them in the light of the expected growth in the Indian economy.
An additional feature that might help Facebook strengthen its hold in the hyperlocal segment is that you can also get recommendations from your friends. So, if you are in a different city, just log on to Facebook and ask your friends, ‘where can I get a good hair spa in the town?’ or ‘where do I go to get my broken car repaired? The competitors will also have to make the interface of their apps and websites to tackle Facebook on this front. But it seems a little troublesome as if compare don the scale of convenience people might prefer one single app that is Facebook for socializing as well accessing services.
Let’s wait and watch how tables turn, if at all they do!
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PR Se Pyaar

When we think of Mr. Narendra Modi, what do we think of?

  • Is it “A leader of this time” – Reason for the Modi Wave?
  • Is it “A Great Orator” – Reason of droves of people turning up at his rallies and his public events?
  • Is it “An Amiable Gentleman” – For the throes of hugs and handshakes shared with the global personalities?

What does a thought about Virat kohli brings to your mind (Apart from Anushka Sharma,Ofcourse)?

A fearless player? a Go-getter? Self-Made? Ambitious? Iconic?


While it’s a biblical truth that the men mentioned above have shed their blood and sweat to reach at the Zenith of their fields but it is no less a truth that there have been scores of people putting their PR brains or infact dedicated PR agencies at times creating, enhancing and maintaining the images of these popular figures in the minds of the stakeholders or the public at large.

PR and image consulting, as opposed to plain advertisement, is different in their approach and the results. Long story short – Advertisement involves paying for publicity whereas PR entails everything but money for meandering the image in the minds of masses.

PR se PyaarYou can read more about What Does A Public Relations Agency Do?



You must be wondering that all these gimmicks are the whims of either the rich and the famous or the big money minting brands only and you as an applaudable creative mind in disguise of a common man barely need any image building. Umm, Yes..If you are extremely happy keeping your potential under the hood and letting your life pass by as a common man.

But if you think otherwise, if you choose fearlessness as a way of life, then you deserve the fame. And branding yourself amongst the audience of the game you wanna lead is one most important step missed by almost many.


As mentioned by a leading PR agency #BitesizePR “If you are hoping to get the word out there about your business, public relations is the answer”, we add to it by saying “If you are hoping to get the word out there about your own self, Personal Branding is the answer”.


Just like PR, Personal Branding has a number of interesting advantages like:

  • Credibility –

“No amount of money can buy someone credibility” – Dan McLaughlin (golfer)

Whether you are a salesman or a CEO, an amateur in your game or a pro, credibility will win you respect, command and trust.


  • Target Audience – Just like Ferraris aren’t sold in Fiji, you need not be a buzz of every table. Knowing your target audience will help you focus your energies in a single direction. For Example, If you are a C-Level executive looking forward to make a switch, you need to be more visible in the networks of Executive Hiring companies than anywhere else.


  • Cost – Since Personal Branding isn’t transactional, that is – it is not concerned with one particular deal but it is how you are being perceived as person in your social network, both online and offline, its results span beyond the professional life and any cost is less as compared to benefits it is sure to reap for you.
  • Confidence – When your positive aspects are polished and brought to light regularly, as your Personal Branding exercise will have you do it, your confidence is sure to be boosted which is a way for kick-starting the positive spiral in life.
  • Focus – Personal Branding makes you focus on what’s right for you and how you can use it to your advantage. This sorts a lot of clutter around your life goals and let you focus on being the best in the game you are in.


While it is true that Personal Branding will apply a shiner on your personality and will help you fine tune a lot of aspects of your life, it is no substitute for the hard work and consistent wins because packaging always complements performance but never substitutes it.

5 Things to Learn from Lilly Singh aka IISuperwomanII of YouTube!

“What up guys, It’s your Girl Superwoman”!

27 years old Lilly Singh aka Superwoman is the Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star: Comedy,2016 and Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star: Female, 2016. Lilly Singh is an Indo-Canadian YouTube celebrity who is extremely famous for her videos. She has now become a phenomenon on YouTube in USA and Canada. Talking about statistics, she has about 9.6 million subscribers and over 1 billion views. She is a prime example of YouTube Success. She has become a living brand. She earned around $3 million from her channel on YouTube.  Visit her channel.

iMET Global

Here are top 5 Things that we should learn from this Social Media Star:

Success does not happen overnight

If you are one of those dreamers who think that success will come to you all by itself, then you should listen to this. Lilly Singh was a depressed soul in 2010. She thought that if she can make herself laugh then people might laugh at her jokes too. She uploaded her first video and guess the viewers, just 70! Lilly Singh, the current YouTube star could not even get more than 100 viewers. She made up her mind. She worked hard, upped her content quotient and quality and she is successful today. The amazing numbers that you read above, it took 6 years of hard work and dedication to reach that level

2. Consistency is the Key

What if, Superwoman tells you that she will update her videos biweekly, Mondays and Thursdays. You as her subscriber are waiting and Superwoman did not upload any video that week, you will feel bad and might not look into her channel deliberately for the next update. Lilly Singh makes sure that she uploads videos on time. She even records them when she is down with fever, cough or cold. This happened one time that she could not upload her video because she was on the last stop of her World Tour and her flight landed in Canada. She profusely apologized to her fans. This is what we call professionalism. Did I mention, she was regular in her updates during her World Tour. She was in Rio, USA, Canada, Australia, London, etc. even then in her own hectic schedule she was there on YouTube making us all Laugh.

3. Engage with the Audience

Engagement is one of the Primary keys which makes Superwoman apart from others. She reads the comments, both critiques and good ones and replies back wherever necessary. She considers the topics sent by her fans in the comment section. When she makes videos on them she always mentions the fan’s name who suggested the idea. She also has her vlog channel (Video Blog). This vlog covers her back-stage and behind the scenes part and also shares her daily routines. She organises World Tours to engage with the Audience in person. Engagement is the key to build a better brand.

4. Collaboration is important

Lilly Singh has time and again proved this. She collaborated not only with fellow YouTubers, but also with Hollywood stars. She worked with James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jay Sean, Kunal Nayyar, AIB, Madhuri Dixit, Selena Gomez, etc. She knows the power of collaboration and does not shy away from it.

5. Experimentation can be good

As it is clearly specified by me that her forte is Comedy Videos. But, who said that Superwoman can only be stuck in that image. She is also a Motivational Speaker, mainly for Women Empowerment. Apart from this, she is also a Rapper. She has just released her Rap Video named Voices. Check it out here.

Now, if you are not impressed by this 27-year Superwoman, I don’t know what do you expect from people.

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Role of Perception in Digital World

Has it happened with me only or you have observed this too that you went to a shopping center and ended up buying much more than you planned. I think we share the same fate at some point of time being consumers. And followed by it you, just like me, have deliberated over the question as to why did you buy that extra pack of Maggie or a different brand of deo and we successfully convince ourselves that we needed it, Did we? Or we just perceived we needed it. Perception, not a need led us to shell out those extra bucks. And mind you, this was very well thought of plan of the marketer of that shopping store. Rather, perception as a basic human instinct is very smartly used by marketers across globe over various platforms to influence course of actions.

As you must have observed by now, perception, as an ingrained behavior, influence a lot of our actions and may or may not be true in every case,

More than physical world, it is driving the online world these days.

In the digital age when Facebook alone has more number of active users than the combined population of china and USA, every click on the web creates, alters, mars, and modifies perceptions.

Understanding the fact that consumers are surrounded by a plethora social media content, every moment some companies like apple are allocating a majority of their marketing budget to expand their online presence and also enhance customer’s perception towards their brand while few like Big bazar are spending on online channels to make most of their offline strategies.


The ability of digital media to allow the companies to reach very specific segment instead of beating around the bush and the opportunity of exponential word of mouth on digital platforms makes it enticing for the brands to have their own extensive social media marketing strategies.



Individuals are no less than brands in this competitive age. It is a fact that every click on the web is being viewed. So it’s only wise to build a thoughtful perception of the “Brand you” as it is an era when the social media followers matter than the number of bullets in your resume. The problem is – not everyone has skills to create their personal brand and thus stay devoid of the immense possibility it brings forth.

Here is where short term personal courses like the one offered by IMET Global can be a game changer. Pooled with the social media marketing, content management and personality development develop it instills practical skills and knowledge using which we can hit the ground running.


Mind you, Perception precedes action.

So, why not show your perception about the ‘perception in the digital space’. Comment below to share your thoughts with us!

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Career counselling should be done for parents

Parents and children often do not agree over career choices nowadays. Career selection has become a complex task. With new technologies sprouting every day the number of kinds of jobs has also seen a boom since the time globalisation has started. But, we see more of confusion than excitement. A budding student may get attracted to these new upcoming career options but it is very uncommon to see parents support their children to allow them to try something new.

careerEach parent first at least needs to analyse what the child is thinking of pursuing in his future. Most of these new job prospects offer great career opportunities to the students. A deep introspection needs to be done on a lot of questions relating to the industry, the company as well as the future that the job offers. Keeping in mind that there are multiple choice options today, no student or parent should shirk opening to new career aspects. They might work wonders for you.

Talking about the field of digital marketing which has been ever-growing, the companies are spending more and more on digital marketing. Parents today need to get aware about the latest industry trends. More than the students, the parents are the ones who need to get counseled today. Nothing comes out of being obstinate and adamant, on either side. Parents may find that forcing a child into a particular career against his choice will lead to such a level of de-motivation that he stops performing, and loses his self-esteem. Students may find that rebelling against their parents will deprive them of their support in the crucial years when they have to struggle and build up their life.

How can your child acquire the desired skill sets which would help him become successful in his career and become job ready? We at iMET Global are here to help you sail through all the confusions that you as a parent may have pertaining to your child’s career in this field.

We help you address the challenges of the industry. Our Harvard course content, live assignments to practice work profile, professional grooming, personal branding coupled with full assistance in setting up own E-Commerce or placement help us differentiate our services from others. At iMET, our focus is on emerging professional courses and not on a namesake degree. We value education more than any degree. We provide a joint certification of iMET Global and Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (partner institute – NIESBUD) and the enrolled person also gets a free one-year professional membership of iMET’s Governing Council.

If one is thinking of a career in Social Media, then do consider investing in a skill set that benefits in the long run.

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The digital marketing landscape continues to move ahead at a rapid pace hence, the marketers are faced with new challenges and opportunities within this digital age. The Digital Marketing Course is an initiative designed to educate students in the area of Digital Marketing. This form of marketing is of benefit to corporates while having a digital domain trained professional helps project to the larger audience what the company is all about along with Advertising the organizations work.

Hence it becomes a clear, sensible and an understood fact that people/professionals who are trained in digital marketing are having an edge over others in terms of better job prospects, better employability and a better pay-package. All of this is possible as having a skill set in digital marketing domain is of a very high virtue.

Where to learn the art and skill of digital marketing

Quite by far there are many organizations giving training in online marketing. But, a very few stand out from the crowd and impart the most practical and the most extensive training in a wide array of digital media promotion. Some like iMet Global do that for various organizations and institutes by enabling their employees to be trained with the sound nuances of this new and fast growing industry. Ranging from ‘ Social media marketing ‘, ‘ video marketing ’, ‘ content marketing ’ and to studying and analysis of all the marketing process implemented online through the various analytics software. The students are from many renowned, recognized and famous educational institutions and corporate organizations. There are a very few organizations in India offering such an extensive, diverse and up-to-date training program to their students than the one being offered at iMET Global.

Which all organizations and universities are the students from

The students enrolled at iMET are from a wide variety of corporate organizations and educational institutions. The students trained at iMET in its previous batches have been from many renowned organizations. The students coming to iMET have been from from KPMG, HCL, Airtel, Mahindra and Mahindra and also many more in the corporates have undergone training in this program. The need assessment for this course is very clear cut and simple. It is the requirement of the future which is almost here. Those who would wish to excel in this field and have a competitive edge from the others and thereby stand out of the crowd would understand this programs future implications and advantages.

Hence there stands a very obvious and sincere understanding that the reason for as to why these big corporate giants have held a partnership with us in the past. The understanding is that iMET is known in the industry for delivering and imparting of the best and the most extensive program in order to impart and implement digital marketing techniques for the benefit of the organization and also for the individual in context. This it does through its personal branding techniques and the KASA framework of ‘ Knowledge ‘, ‘ Attitude ‘, ‘ Skills ‘ and ‘ Aesthetics ‘.