Social Media Skill Gap

Social Media is the heartbeat of today’s not only youth but also for people from the entire spectrum of ages. Businesses as well as people are not only using it for connecting to their friends but also for reaching out to people for marketing their brand.
This stands to the testimony of the rise of social media, the way it has revolutionized marketing and changed how businesses market themselves and engage with customers.
However, the rapid pace of this revolution has left a digital skills gap with many in today’s workforce woefully ill-equipped to unlock the value of social media.
According to a government report, the UK is on the verge of falling behind on the global stage if they don’t address this skills shortfall. The same is the case of India also.
We don’t need everyone to become computer scientists overnight, but when you bear in mind that a large number of people lack basic digital skills, it is a cause for concern. All they know is how to post status and photos on Social Media Platforms.
Businesses and marketers know they need to be on social to reach their audiences, and you can’t just “wing it” anymore. Social Media Examiner found that 92% of marketers have said that social media is important to their business, and it is clear having the right digital skills is essential to both social and business success.
This calls for work forces around the country to assess the social media skills they have. Are they sufficient for today and can they bring you into a future where we’ll be even more reliant on social for new business and customer engagement?
What’s the impediment?
How social media is used in the workplace has fundamentally changed. Social media used to be the domain of specialist social media managers. However, in just a short space of time, activities on social media have been radically democratized and decentralized by easy to use social media management technologies.
The campaigns like #BlackLivesMatter have revolutionized the campaigns for social causes.
Since then, employees – marketing employees in particular – have been asked to use social media in ever more numerous and unfamiliar ways. According to Indeed, job ads that mention social media in the description but not the title have grown by 89% – that’s a huge swing.
For marketers, the sudden proliferation of new platforms and features is also a factor in the skills gap. Only a year ago, snapchat was for teens, and today it’s the latest way to engage business audiences. As more platforms incorporate more sophisticated features, even the most plugged-in users are struggling to keep up. Only 5% of marketers actively adopt new channels.
Given the proliferance of social in our daily lives, social management is sometimes assumed as an inherent skill. However, just because somebody grows up as a social media native, they aren’t by default equipped to represent a company’s interests online.
As more platforms incorporate more sophisticated features, even the most plugged-in users are struggling to keep up. No one should be expected to dive into the world of corporate social media management without guidance and training.
iMET | Academy of Digital-Social Media Bridges the GAP
While social media races ahead, formal training and education programs are lagging seriously behind. This is where iMET | Academy of Digital-Social Media steps in.
1. Working Professional – We help them to switch their career to digital marketing by equipping them with skills required for stepping foot on a sector which is very dynamic and demanding.
2. Students are the future of any field and if the future only is social media then they need to be aware of this new world of social media. We at iMET | Academy of Digital-Social Media equip students from backgrounds ranging from arts, science to commerce with the skills of social media.
3. MSMEs and self employed provide 70% employment in India but if they are not aware of the power of social media then it could be a big impediment to their future. Luckily for them, we have the right set of skills for making them and their businesses with the ability to start their business from scratch t take it to new heights.
Few employees have time for in-depth courses or boot camps, so the right training solution needs to be on-demand and mobile-friendly.
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What is Influencer Marketing in Social Media

Influencer marketing is a very important part of marketing and is used frequently by marketers and agencies to increase their social media presence.

Influencer marketing is an art where the brand is promoted by people who can influence other people to engage with the brand. Influencers of different industries are used to target different audience.

Now a days marketers are moving slowly from traditional influencers like Movie Stars to more contemporary and progressive influencer.

More people are becoming famous from social networking sites like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc. These influencers are common people who have an impact on people or in marketer terms, Target Audience. Youtubers like AIB (All India Bakchod), TVF (The Viral Fever), Being Indian, Filter Copy, Sudh Desi Endings, etc. have huge fan following and hence the marketers rush towards them for product placements.


For instance, in latest Video of AIB, a popular food aggregator app Swiggy placed its product, OLA is sponsoring latest web-series of TVF “Permanent Roommates season 2”, etc.

These ads increase visibility of the product and people who are watching it, remember the product in the longer run.

But, beware many of these influencers have their power on younger audience who are in Graduation, Post-Graduation and working professionals under 30. So, if you have a product which is perfect for this cohort, place the product.

Product placement charges too will be inexpensive, why? Because, these people are looking for some money to make their video. They will happily take your offer. There is no star cast and hence, you will not have to pay much amount to a “STAR”.

Hence, if product placement in Social media suits you then it is good for you and will be cheaper than the traditional influencer marketing techniques. Social media influencers are bound to give you more product engagement.

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Social Media Marketing Programs For Executives & Professionals

The buzz word in the market is social media marketing and the various programs on offer which are intended for executives or the teams of professionals. These are the people who are employed in marketing, advertising, branding, communications or sales who want to gain skills of engaging themselves in marketing on the web using latest digital marketing techniques. This course is however also suitable for individuals seeking to employ digital marketing to advance in their individual careers.

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The scope of this course is reasonably high for the reason that the future is going to be digitally oriented. Thus knowing the technicalities pertaining to marketing one which is governed through what is commonly known as internet marketing having in it a wide array of different marketing domains. There are two equally important objectives of the course for corporates:

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A Big Move into Enterprise Social Media by Microsoft

A surprising move was taken by Microsoft when it acquired LinkedIn for $26.2 billion on Monday. After this announcement took place the shares of LinkedIn surged by 47 percent. Both the boards have approved of this transaction but still some of the approvals are awaited. This deal is expected to get closed in this calendar year. Even after this acquisition, LinkedIn will retain its distinct brand, culture and its independence.

digital media courses, imet global

Microsoft buys Linkedin for $26.2 Bn.

LinkedIn is known to be world’s one of the most valuable professional networks and hence continues to build a strong growing business. Microsoft also has more than one billion office users but when we talk about a social graph, Microsoft has none. Hence, it had to rely on Facebook, LinkedIn and others to provide that key connections. LinkedIn is the ultimate business social platform. It has everybody on it, from interns and college students on up to the biggest CEOs.

With this acquisition LinkedIn provides Microsoft with about 433million members and a very solid social graph. This will help Microsoft reach a far bigger audience in terms of social networking services and professional content. The plan is a big one from both the sides.

Analysts have also speculated that Microsoft may also buy as a cloud play.

Microsoft will finance the transaction primarily through the issuance of new indebtedness. Microsoft expects the acquisition to have minimal dilution of approximately 1% to non-GAAP earnings per share, for the remainder of fiscal year 2017 post-closing and for fiscal year 2018 based on the expected close date, and become accretive to Microsoft’s non-GAAP earnings per share in fiscal year 2019, or less than two years post-closing.

A joint conference call with the investors will be further hosted by LinkedIn and Microsoft to discuss this transaction. Microsoft has all the resources, the cash, the balance sheet and the borrowing ability to acquire a lot more.