5 Reasons why you should take up a career in Digital Marketing


In the past few years we have seen social media grow and now it has certainly become a part of our lives. It is not only used for personal use today but it plays a major role in the corporate world also. It facilitates a greater visibility to the individual or the company to the entire world. Digital Marketing also helps boost revenue. Digital marketing has certainly give rise to a number of career options:



  • Digital Marketing is an industry which is recession proof in nature

In any business process, marketing plays a vital role. The business, be it small or large needs to promote its products/services in the market. Following conventional ways of marketing does grab attention of people but it is unable to capture a wide audience in a small time. An important source of communication today is social media between the company and the people. So there exists no fear of getting thrown out of your job because of recession.

  • You need no specific qualification for getting in this industry

Digital Marketing is a field which is more about learning new things on a daily basis. You do not need any high qualifications to get in the industry. Of course, certain skill sets are required to work but what matters more is the passion. You do not need to be an MBA or an engineer for that matter. You may visit the website of iMET Global to get yourself equipped with skills that are demanded by the industry.

  • There exist high paying profiles

A working professional who is skilled to become a digital marketer can earn a much higher salary as compared to other professionals. After an experience of 2 to 5 years a digital marketer can earn more than 8 lakhs annually.

  • The market demand is ever growing in this industry

Businesses today aim to maximize their visibility. Huge amount of money as well as time is invested by companies in PPC, SEM and SMO and various other platforms for digital marketing. Every industry needs various strategies for social media to promote their products and services. For all the designing and implementation of strategies professionals are needed. There have been more than one lakh job opening in the year 2016 in the field of digital marketing.

  • It is a field that is highly competitive

Digital marketing is a dynamic field. There exists no stagnation. The creative as well as technical aspects of digital marketing keep changing on a daily basis. Therefore, there prevails a constant need to keep yourself updated with the industry trends so that you don’t lag behind when facing your competitors. There is no limit that is present in this field till you are creative and passionate and a person who aims to keep his learning curve upward sloping.

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