A career in Social Media?


There were times when employees used social media at their offices when the boss was away, but today, using social media has become an essential practice for almost all the companies across the industry. The power of social media is being embraced by businesses today to build a community which would be useful for the business.

We all know that the prevalence of social media continues to build and so is the demand for professionals who would handle this work of the company. There are a particular set of skills that are required by the industry in order to leverage the ever evolving platform of social media, tools as well as strategies. One of the most exciting as well as challenging career is in the field of social media. There is never going to be any room for boredom. But, acquiring essential knowledge and skills is very important.

Job opportunities in the field of social media are still evolving day by day. You may become a Social Media Strategist, where one has to first create and then implement those strategies in online marketing. New media tools and technology are researched by such professionals, which further help engage with the communities that are online and develop social media marketing plans.

You may also get the position of Community Engagement Specialist. Social media campaigns need to be developed, designed and implemented. Theses campaigns help build new communities online and leverage the existing communities. Content for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube may also be created by these professionals and further measure as well as analyze various social media efforts.

A Content Strategist is also a great position to work. The responsibilities of such professionals include the development of the overall online content coupled with the styling guidance. This type of a professional has ability to see the content across various platforms.

There are various new media initiatives that may be undertaken by a company in a course of time. A Web Analytics Manager measures as well as evaluates the effectiveness of these initiatives. The data is gathered relating to these initiatives and then reports are developed by the manager for further analysis.

Development of social media strategy is often done by the Director of Social Media, who plans and executes these initiatives looking at the overall content that is available to him.

A lot of positions are still evolving and there is no end to this.

The number of people who have been using social media has risen rapidly. So, the question that arises is that how you as a student get started? How can you acquire the desired skill sets which help you attain these positions and make you job ready? We at iMET Global are here to help you sail through all the confusions that you have pertaining to a career in this field.

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