Career counseling should be done for Parents

Counselling for parents

Parents and children often do not agree over career choices nowadays. Career selection has become a complex task. With new technologies sprouting every day the number of kinds of jobs has also seen a boom since the time globalisation has started. But, we see more of confusion than excitement. A budding student may get attracted to these new upcoming career options but it is very uncommon to see parents support their children to allow them to try something new.

careerEach parent first at least needs to analyse what the child is thinking of pursuing in his future. Most of these new job prospects offer great career opportunities to the students. A deep introspection needs to be done on a lot of questions relating to the industry, the company as well as the future that the job offers. Keeping in mind that there are multiple choice options today, no student or parent should shirk opening to new career aspects. They might work wonders for you.

Talking about the field of digital marketing which has been ever-growing, the companies are spending more and more on digital marketing. Parents today need to get aware about the latest industry trends. More than the students, the parents are the ones who need to get counseled today. Nothing comes out of being obstinate and adamant, on either side. Parents may find that forcing a child into a particular career against his choice will lead to such a level of de-motivation that he stops performing, and loses his self-esteem. Students may find that rebelling against their parents will deprive them of their support in the crucial years when they have to struggle and build up their life.

How can your child acquire the desired skill sets which would help him become successful in his career and become job ready? We at iMET Global are here to help you sail through all the confusions that you as a parent may have pertaining to your child’s career in this field.

We help you address the challenges of the industry. Our Harvard course content, live assignments to practice work profile, professional grooming, personal branding coupled with full assistance in setting up own E-Commerce or placement help us differentiate our services from others. At iMET, our focus is on emerging professional courses and not on a namesake degree. We value education more than any degree. We provide a joint certification of iMET Global and Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (partner institute – NIESBUD) and the enrolled person also gets a free one-year professional membership of iMET’s Governing Council- iSoCIAL.

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iSoCIAL Stands for International #Socialmedia Council for Internet & Allied League The iSocial Governing Council works towards building thought leadership in Digital/ Social Media and its huge impact our country is about to witness. The members are E-Commerce Leaders, Startup Co-Founders, Entrepreneurs, MSMEs, and Working professionals (including C-Level).