You are not a “bakra” to follow the herd, You are a new Gen student

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Gone are those days when you had limited choices in career. Now, with extreme penetration of Internet among youth, tables have turned. There is plethora of new career avenues. You now have a loads of information and you don’t have to follow what others are doing.

bakra herdHerd makes a person with high intelligence a herd follower and that brilliant mind gets demoted. With an access to this kind of information, you can be new Gen student.

Make your own mark and you shall succeed. People who follow the herd have a set routine with boring life and they do not want anything new.

Young people have make it big. Everyone knows who is Mark Zuckerberg. He too was in Harvard University. He could have gone with the herd and started off with a MNC. But he was not a follower, He was a true new Gen student and Facebook happened.

There is no use of studying for a degree which is not your cup of tea. Different people have different talents and interests. They should make a career in the same field. People who become “barkra” have a boring life and crib about it. If they had taken up what they loved, they will not be cribbing now.

New Gen students are supposed to be very active in all the interests and talents. This helps in be afoot in everything.

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