Master Class

    Digital Social Media Master Class

    Master Class + Executive Class= Pack of Two

    After spending lakhs/thousands on Product Development/Plant set up/ Salaries etc, One big reason of a probability to fail or fall short of bagging big ticket businesses is –

    “Lack of/ Poor or No Online Marketing/ Branding atal”.

    Welcome to the New Digital-Social Media Enabled World you are working in.


    You still have to make  Investors and Clients perspective towards You in a new age way by having strategy around web presence,  Mobile Apps and Big Data driven world.

    Also need to start working on your Personal/ Corporate Branding by leveraging#‎Digital#‎Social Media for yourself.


    “Unbranded professionals are not preferred by head hunters too and so are products/services “
    The sooner you wake up,  the BIGGER BRAND you shall be in your domain. It’s no longer about the size of an entity, its all about planned/effective online visibility.

    Digital- Social Media has revolutionized the overall marketing scenario . It was never before that cost effective, intellect driven with the scope to build thought leadership in markets you operate in.


    At the same time it’s “Not Technical” too.


    Our 2 Days “Master Class + Executive Class = Pack of Two” Offsite Program is a comprehensive program as follows :

    Day 1 : Master Class – “Exclusively for : Strategists |C-Level | Promoters |Self Employed professionals | Decision Makers”

    Day 2 : Executive Class -“Exclusively for : Executive Class”


    The program is on a Boot Camp format ( 11-5:30pm) with 3 different experts at Learner’s pace @Delhi | Chandigarh | Indore | Surat | Raipur | Jaipur.


    Upcoming :


    Dates : April 8th & 9th 2017 at Jaipur.


    For more details call at 9810409943