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Does A Post-Graduation Have To Be Expensive?

MBA and Postgraduate programs can be expensive when done by a reputed university. These universities manage to lure students with promises of turning them into skilled professionals that would enable them to land high-paying jobs when thry have option of going for Global Post Graduate Program. Another factor that enables universities to charge big amounts of money for their programs is the well-known but unspoken truth about the importance of the name and reputation of the university irrespective of the character of their content. The popularity of MBA courses in countries like India and other parts of the world also plays a major factor in determining the price of MBA programs. However, the coronavirus pandemic has changed everything. We live in times when we must begin to look past the name of the college and start analyzing whether the contents of the programs are relevant to the rapid changes in the job market and nature of businesses. As per an article written by Forbes, alternate MBA programs are the future just like Netflix. These programs are fine-tuned in accordance with the rapidly changing industry standards and are offered at half the price of conventional MBA institutes.

I began looking for a post-graduation program that was not only going to help me improve my skills in order to land a high-paying job but also help me be future-ready. The other important criteria for me was going to be the cost of the program. I had a fixed budget and wanted to go with a program that would provide me with a higher return on investment. With this clarity in mind, I began my research on viable alternatives to an MBA program. I came across a post-graduation program being offered by iMET Global which checked all the boxes for me in terms of relevance and affordability.

For an institution established a decade ago(2011), iMET has made a name for itself with its innovation, its rule-breaking spirit, and its robin hood style of being a sort of a messiah for students and professionals who struggle to maintain a foothold in the transient business environment.

In its most outward sense, it is an alternative MBA institution, but once you look closely, it is home to all the revolutionaries out there who are trying to create a name and brand for themselves within their corporate structure or to those who are breaking out of it.

iMET Global’s alternate MBA program is meant for learners who have just completed their bachelor’s and are eager to make their mark on the world, and want to maximize their career advancement possibilities. The world is their oyster and they want to treat it as such, iMET helps those students with its Global Post Graduate Program(Digital Social Media and IoT).

The course details and structure along with all the necessary and unique points have been assembled in a separate blog if you would like to give it a read. Kindly click on this link and refer to it:

In the meantime, let us continue with our discussion.

Here are some Key Points that really helps their PGP stand out:

1.NEP Compliance.

iMET has aligned itself with the new education policies which focus on learning practically through internships and an exhaustive number of live projects. It is the only institute that I came across that was also backed by an independent digital agency.

2. Gurupool

iMET Global has a very experienced training staff or “Gurupool” as they call them who are industry experts. The program has been created with meticulous planning in order to make it up to date with the latest trends in the industry.

3. Pandemic proof career

The aftermath of coronavirus was very harsh on professionals in the hospitality and tourism industry. The pandemic also had a devastating impact on the entertainment industry and on people who did not have an understanding of digital social media and IoT. PGP offered by iMET Global focuses on helping such people in developing important skills that will help them adapt to changing times.

4. Dual Education

The institution is also affiliated with an Italian University UET, so it offers dual graduation from both institutions. You can check out the UET Italy website.(link)

5. Global Exposure

iMET Global recognizes the importance of giving its learners a global perspective. iMET helps make those hopes and ambitions come true with its 6-month internship plan in the city of Milan with a stipend of 500 Euros/per month.

6. Ivy League Curriculum

This is where iMET truly embodies its underdog spirit and goes all in to compete with the best of them out there.  It competes with the Ivy League universities by offering the exact curriculum they offer with the same standards. The difference? iMET does it at an Indian fee structure.

7. 100% Job  Assistance

Now, when you have learned how to fish, iMET makes sure to help you find a pond that proves to be fruitful for you and does not leave your hand until you do. It usually does not come to that because with the most relevant skills in the market you have just become an asset that everybody would be lucky to have, so it is easy for you to find a job and even screen offers and get a start you know you deserve.

Also, iMET gives you job assurance, which is something you have a right to be skeptical about, but it provides its assurance because of its sidearm i.e. Digitally Next, a leading digital marketing agency. As I said, once you have the skills and you know how to thoughtfully use them, you are an asset. And if you are an asset, you could easily be absorbed within their infrastructure itself and thrive for Global Post Graduate Program.

iMET also has a community of working professionals and entrepreneurs named iSocial, where you can network to build partnerships, share information, contacts, and resources.

S.NoCourse NameFee Structure estimationAverage placement
1Global Post Graduate Program10 – 12lacs rupees8 – 10 lacs p.a.
2.Conventional MBA program25 lacs approx8-10 lacs p.a.

Upon comparing iMET Global’s programs with conventional MBA programs it is evident that alternative MBA programs offered by iMET Global offer a better return on investment. Further their program content is much more relevant and the nature of work post completion is Covid-19 proof.

This is just an individual attempt to cast a light on the workings and offerings of this institution based on my knowledge. I encourage you to reach out to their respective counseling teams and inquire yourself for a more thorough understanding.

But one thing I can say with absolute certainty is that in the sea of overwhelming opportunities and options with the risky nature of these investments, iMET is something you can rely on. It’s something you can trust because it will never let you down.

Thanks for reading, have a good day.