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The Top Three MBA Institutions For Digital Marketing

We all want to join the best Institute for Digital Social Media course but we get confused. We try to search and figure out what is best for us? Selecting the right MBA course can be a daunting task for most students coming freshly out of Undergrad college.

Most universities often make tall claims about the courses that they have to offer. These courses can be really expensive at times and may or may not add the desired value to your skillset since most of these courses are purely theoretical and operational in nature which does not carry much value in the professional world.

As a social media enthusiast, I started looking at career opportunities in the field of digital marketing. So, after completing my undergrad I started looking at the best Institute for Digital Social Media Course that would provide me with a strong foundation to serve as the basis for my professional career. I was looking for a course that would train me with the best practices and help me get a grasp of core business and marketing principles. However, I was faced with the exact same stressful task of sifting through all the courses available to me that were within my budget.

After much deliberation and thought I managed to zone in on 3 courses offered which I felt would genuinely be worth my time and investment. My selection criteria were based on 3 parameters which are

  1.  The practicality of the course
  2.  Quality placement cell 
  3.  Cost of the course

So getting straight to the point here are the top three MBA institutions for mastering digital marketing according to me.


1. Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin is one of the most prestigious names on the list. Trinity College has an amazing campus located in the heart of the country’s capital. The city has been growing as the tech and agricultural hub of Ireland and as a student, you will enjoy the experience of studying in a multi-cultural environment.

The course which I will be considering and comparing is their MSc. Digital Marketing strategy. The course is divided into 12 modules and the duration of the course is 12 months. The course outline emphasizes that the students will learn all fundamentals of digital marketing and all the important tools that are commonly used by companies such as Google AdWords, Analytics, Facebook Insights, HubSpot tools. The course also outlines that it will help students understand the in-depth process of how a digital strategy is implemented by businesses to interact with customers and offer their services.

 The college on their website claims *Student survey respondents who were seeking employment and are in employment 6 months after graduation. Class of 2016/17.* However, these are claims that were made prior to a pandemic so do take it with a grain of salt. Furthermore, it can be difficult to get directly placed in a company as a fresher in the UK if you are an Indian/non-EU student due to visa regulations.

The course costs $17,457.04 for EU students and $23470.67 for non-EU students.

The eligibility criteria are as follows.

  1. A bachelor’s degree or international equivalent.
  2. Two academic references.
  3. Work experience (optional).
  4. An English competency exam.
  5. A GMAT score may be requested in certain cases when you don’t have a Bachelor’s degree.


Mica is an autonomous not for profit education institute that is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The institute was founded in 1991 and offers Advanced Certificate Programme in Digital Marketing & Communication with Specialisations. This course offers specializations in Branding and Communication, Social Media and Content Marketing, and Marketing Analytics. The course has a duration of 6.5-9.5 months depending on the number of specializations that the student wants to do. The course doesn’t seem to give a well-rounded picture of the business cycle and core marketing fundamentals in my opinion.

The course is relevant for fresh graduates looking to obtain certifications in digital marketing. While MICA has a robust placement cell it’s not proven to be effective in getting students placed for this specific certification.

They accept students who have freshly graduated from a well-recognized university and the course costs between Rs 87,000 and Rs 1,28,000 depending on the number of specializations the student chooses.

3. iMET Global

iMET Global is an educational community founded at IIT Delhi in 2011 with the intent to build a talented pool of professional connections through education and knowledge sharing. iMET Global is a part of Pradurbhav Foundation for Skills and Social Development, Part of a Not for Profit(Section 8) Entity.

The course offered by iMET global is Global Post Graduation Program in Digital Social Media and IoT. This is a full-fledged specialized MBA course in digital marketing, social media, and IoT based on the IVY league curriculum.

iMET Global is the first of its kind to offer a 2 year Alternative MBA(PGP) in Digital Social Media and IoT.  The course is divided into 8 trimesters.

iMET Global has done a strategic tie-up with an Italian University, UET, which allows students to complete 2 trimesters(Including sessions + Internship) at the Milan campus and thus, providing Dual Qualification to the learner.

One interesting aspect about the faculty for this MBA is that the faculty is comprised of industry experts and not teachers. This makes sense for an institute claiming to offer the best Industry relevant knowledge and experience.

Furthermore, the program is designed based on proprietary frameworks which focus on Digital Social Media Campaign planning and implementation.

Here are few things that drew me towards this program :

  1. They go by a “diversity in delivery” policy which means that the delivery style is tailor-made to suit the experience level of the batch.
  2. The course is compliant with the “New Education Policy(NEP)” which emphasizes skill-based learning. iMET Global is also backed by a digital agency that helps students experience live projects and real-life industry-level simulations.
  3. The course works on teaching the students the fundamentals of business management and combines it with new-age technology and marketing practices. The course has been termed as a “new age MBA” by the company and media outlets. This is a specialized MBA that other courses are just not offering at this moment.
  4. The most interesting fact about the program is the internship opportunity in Italy and robust placement assistance post-graduation.

iMET Global has done a phenomenal job when it comes to adapting its courses to the changing business environments and making sure that its students are prepared for the future with the most up-to-date and relevant skills.

Keeping the current situation of the pandemic in mind iMET global has made it possible for learners to opt for either online or in-class models.

When it comes to placements the student can gain experience by doing a paid internship in Milan. This is perfect for students as they don’t feel like a fish out of water when they graduate at the end of three trimesters. MIT Global also offers lateral placements and helps students build professional connections through their extensive working community. The course targets students and professionals who are looking to redefine their career paths post-pandemic. The program has been recommended by India Today as one of the top 5 courses to secure your future job or business in a post-pandemic era.

The program is great value for money and time when it is compared to other MBA courses in India. This course in my opinion will give you the best return on investment.

 This course has eligibility criteria.

  1. iMET Accepts both GMAT and NMAT scores for its 2 years Global PGP in Digital Social Media & IoT.
  2. Work experience: (optional).
  3. Interview Process: Shortlisting based on NMAT/GMAT score. 3 round interviews assessment.

This course costs between Rs 10 lac -12 lac. (This is a special COVID fee announced by the Not for Profit Entity).

I hope this comparison offers some level of clarity when it comes to selecting the right post-graduation course or certification. At the end of the day, nothing can substitute hard work and determination to keep up with the daily grind:).

We hope the blog also helps you to find the best Institute for Digital Social Media Course.

Best of luck!