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6 Steps to fight against Covid’s Impact on your career

Life is what you decide. Your decision makes your life useful and worthwhile. At each and every aspect you need to make decisions and work on it- whether it is joining the school, going to college, finding a life partner, or the most important thing in your career. What you did or decided at each of these aspects were always in your hands.

Most of the time you may or may not go for a career option however situations/preferences were still in your control.

And then comes COVID-19, You might have followed a certain career so far and now suddenly see a dead end. Be it your job, industry, or organization.

Did you get stonewalled or you trying to iron out your way to sailing through these testing times?

Many of us might end up losing our jobs.

If that’s the writing on the wall, what steps are you taking to explore other options? Are you still sitting on the fence or ready to jump to reskill/upskill yourself?

But would that be enough!

Or are you connecting with people of diverse interests?

But again the same question- Would that be enough.

What if you take Corona times as an opportunity to take a hard look at yourself and be very honest about “who am I”. This is a time to list down the following and work on it.

  • Goals to be set up: analysis is needed, when you plan for your EMI, when you plan an investment for your future, when you plan for your children and parents, the path is to be decided and you need to come up with a plan A if not worked then plan B. Attach the personal goals to that. What are the probable directions in your career? Where do you see yourself when the days come back to good or normal?

Then, check your personal goals, especially family-related. Does your spouse work? Or if need be, should he or she take up a job? What is the status of the upbringing of your children? All of this needs a lot of preparation to carve out time. 

  • Assessment is a must: There are plenty of easy ways to do that. One may use either an online evaluation tool or an online behavioral tool. Many come at a premium, but it’s worth it because it throws hard data about your personality and behavior habits that are vital ingredients for self-assessment.

You may also consider the free self-assessment framework as used by iMET Global for ( personal branding and growth) – KASA- Knowledge Essentials | Attitude Development | Skill Set | Aesthetic Quotient

  • Feedback needed: This could prove a fun exercise to do. Create your own feedback form on either Google Docs or SurveyMonkey, and share it with your loved ones. They may be members of your family, colleagues, or co-workers. Here the data may be an eye-opener because they all think you’re amazing and want to help.
  • Action plan needed: Based on the above three steps, draw out a 90 days roadmap with specific action points, and fix timelines to them for KASA. Be realistic about your abilities and expectations so that drawbacks are minimized.
  • Keep working on skills: As you implement the program, perform comprehensive internet research to find online/in-classes that might be useful. Read related books online, as they are easy to read and are mostly free. The webinars are a fantastic thing to grab especially these days. Find the best ones to read, and log in. LinkedIn can be used to liaise with experts on the subject.
  • Progress to be measured: You need to keep updating the action points on a continuous basis as things progress. And continue to make corrections whenever needed. Celebrate the little milestones that you’ve come across along the way. It is important to congratulate you on your accomplishments. Share them within the family and friends circle. Their support is a huge builder of morality.

This is the time to rediscover yourself and work towards the best version of you.

Turn this COVID times into Happy Times for your future.

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