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4 Steps From Becoming A Digital Marketer To A Complete Digital-Social Media Professional

Before we start to learn about what a digital marketer should be aware of, do you know what digital marketing is? Over time it has been understood as branding and marketing of products or services using digital technologies.
But, do we really have a clear concept of what are the things we need to work on? Do we really understand what we should be aware of before we call ourselves a digital marketer?
No, right! We simply blindfold ourselves and follow what others are doing and, believing in what they are saying rather than looking beyond it.

“Following the trend is easy, but setting up a trend is an achievement” we all know it, butfor that we first need to have a clear vision and understanding of digital marketing. Trust us, everything you listen to is not true!
Let us just shift our focus towards all those sayings which is not less than pointless myths and any digital marketer should know that.

  • You certainly believed that digital marketing is only about a marketer! But do you know that you are wrong? It is not only about a digital marketer but about a digital media professional impacting everyone including HR, Finance, the total sourcing strategy and online branding strategy of leadership council.
  • The biggest myth that you follow is, that the digital media is technical in nature. But how can you forget to look at the aspect that you need to know the functional side of technology too, to be a digital media professional. Making a digital presence is technical but for creating that presence a set of function is applied.
  • Constraining thoughts that digital media or digital marketing is all about LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Blogging feels funny! Why do we forget that it’s only a set of rules that we follow to make an impact. Every brand or product is not advertised in these four Mediums for their branding.
  • It’s not only about BIG COMPANIES! Small and medium business can also effectively use digital media to make a presence not just because it is cheap but because it is open to all sectors and is cost effective.Being the first mover in the market helps the business gain recognition as the first one to develop the market.

Having said that, now we are clear and well aware of what we need to understand as a digital marketer but, what do we need to work on now?
Do you know? A marketing professional is not asked to plan a strategy but they are expected to understand a proper framework of working for a campaign i.e. an understanding of functional areas.

  • So, let us talk aboutPLAN! This aspect helps in understanding the idea and credentials that a company works on, which a digital marketer should know!
  • Now comes the second aspect i.e.RESEARCH. Being good with technicalities is important, but research helps you to look at the facts where you exactly have to work on.
  • Research is then followed by ORIGINATE. Sometimes we need to plan a campaign from the scratch and sometimes we need to take it forward from a specific point. A proper research gives an understanding from where the campaign should be originated!
  • Once the origination of a campaign is decided, it leads to the FINALDRAFT of any campaign. The draft contains plethora of components that helps in making a successful campaign i.e. visual strategy, web strategy, proper mix of SEM and also a mix of SEO.
  • If you are a digital marketer, you just don’t have to be good with one area but must have a holistic view of implementing the whole campaign. When the final draft is created, it gets easy to understand how you will INITIATE the whole campaign.
  • The initiation of the campaign will be followed by TRANSITION. This aspect will be about how the proper analytics help create a campaign and, how can we implement it, to transform the campaign.

It is very important for a digital marketer to know that they should not resist themselves to only certifications of PPC or SEO but, should look beyond it. Today, it is not only about the internet marketing or social media but it is about the digital media ecosystem which is a part of IOT.