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Unemployment is increasing and so are vacant positions too. HR Depts are working hard to fill them. What’s the issue then!

Unemployment is increasing and so are vacant positions too. HR Depts are working hard to fill them. What’s the issue then!

Welcome to the VUCA world making way to even more disruption.
It seems nothing is going in favor. The comfort of fast pace modern living of 2.0 / 3.0 is coming with a baggage loaded with 2.0/3.0 issues as well in terms of employment.
It’s no longer just about getting a job or doing well in it once upon a time and then something happened making  you Redundant !
One out of every two employees in corporate India suffers from anxiety and depression.

Majority India’s Population Suffering from Stress despite High Workplace Wellness Score: Study

Such news are increasing every year and raising an alarm for all of us around. This could be any working professional, even You. The stress is becoming less of work and more of sustaining the job. The fact is, the world is moving ahead with the speed of light increasing the incapability factor of present skills , education and experience that once made us a Rock Star in our profession. Now, is making us to hit the Rock bottom getting “ Zoned “ in oblivion or self doubts of- If capable enough to work or perform any more!

Be it the IT sector or telecom, every where the employees are being given pink slips, their appraisals are being kept on hold, and the growth has stopped completely. The career of many has been brought on a hold which is increasing unemployment in India.
The reason for the same is nothing, but automation taking place –

So enough said and analysed-SOS !
The big question is – What to Do?
Simple – Relook at world around you. How many things you are still using that you were used to 10 years ago?
Things have changed or evolved big time around you except for one!
And that is your ‘Jobs Skills’. That are still based on age old qualifications and experience from the world that no more exists. Making you live in  the chaos of lay-offs/pink slips or getting dress down in your appraisals and performance review.
The automation is in and here to stay and so are New-Age careers.
“Time to sharpen your axe with new age shine that career is craving for”.
Unemployment is not a problem but employability is. Your career’s new outlook can only come thru up-skilling to make a grand entry into a new industry or a new work function.
There are ample of jobs available, just that you need to rise and ready to shine again by embracing the beautiful side of the disruption across the globe.
NEW-AGE Careers are here to stay and time is just right to say Hello to them –

  1. The ever evolving space of “Digital/Social Media” that offers so much now beyond just a Digital Marketing as a career.
  2. The IoT& related areas offer so many career options.
  3. The intelligence as told by the chunks of entities across as “Big Data”
  4. The one which will be the answer to all the questions – “Business Analytics”

So just like your lifestyle is upgraded to 2.0/3.0, you careers is waiting to rock again as You- 2.0/3.0.
Get …Set…Go..