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Why to pursue Post Graduation in Digital/Social Media & IoT?

I have no hesitation in saying that times have never been better, yes you read it right, times have never been better for learning. With the exponential evolution of technology and the boost to digitization, more and more opportunities and choices for learning are emerging. The possibility of nearly 58% percent population having access to the Internet and being able to communicate even from opposite sides of the planet speaks volumes about the opportunities. While the choices are also multiplying every day with innovation in the technical world.

Concepts like artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, Digital/Social Media, Big Data Analytics are not merely ideas for a better future, but they are creating a better future. These are the things that will have an impact on almost every industry shortly, so it becomes very significant that we work on developing these skillsets.

Digital/Social Media

Sales and Marketing have evolved notably over time. The rise of the Internet made this handier by providing a means for non-local people to match their desires with the offerings of others, both regionally and across the globe. Today, purchasers have more than one way of searching and purchasing diverse products and services, and e-commerce has offered the benefit of steady and instantaneous transactions.

This growth of the Internet, smartphones, and virtual media provide possibilities for an employer to not only use fragmented new-age advertising efficiently to promote existing merchandise, but however also forces entrepreneurs to be innovative and establish innovative enterprise models in which product demos, patron acquisition, and order fulfillment can also take area online. In this constantly evolving and expanding web world, new channels are growing with extra frequency, and audiences are constantly exploring new resources of online content.

Digital marketers should frequently investigate and reassess virtual advertising and marketing channels for his or her effectiveness and applicability in helping reap the employer’s ordinary organizational goals and objectives. Hence there is a great career opportunity in digital marketing in the future.

Internet of Things

Internet of things is not merely a concept now; it has become a reality and it is in its phase of a revolution to create a smart world. With billions of devices connected through the Internet and their potential to collect and share statistics, a new range of digitally intelligent devices is rising which can communicate with each other and make the most out of any situation.

It is not a tough concept to apply as pretty much any device that can be connected to the internet, can be transformed into IoT. And we can see that this number of connected devices is rising exponentially. Now, IoT’s major advantage in the field of marketing is related to Big Data Analytics as it delivers real-time data that can be used by companies to determine consumer’s behavior and preferences.

Why Post-Graduation?

With the evolution of technology, Education has also evolved. It is has become more and more industry-centric since that is where the students will use the concepts that they are learning. While nowadays, Industries are seeking more and more specialized individuals. Companies are restructuring their entire organization based on the concept of job specialization where a particular individual works in a particular department in which their skillset lies. Gone are the days when you could have created a successful career with a graduate degree and climbed the ladder in your organization. A Specialized/post-graduation degree is becoming a basic requirement in some Industries while it continues to be the preferred choice among the recruiters in most Industries.

Here are a few reasons as to why to pursue a post-graduation degree in Digital/Social Media and the Internet of things:


As we all know, the world belongs to the Internet and its constant evolution has made a path for more and more career options. As of the current situation, Digital Marketing is one of the most evolving fields in today’s world. With the exponential rise of the Internet, all businesses are focusing on developing their digital marketing strategies and gaining market share. And If you wish to get high-level jobs in Digital Marketing, you need to gain knowledge of high-level concepts like IoT, Big Data Analytics along with Digital Marketing.


The marketing industry is in constant flux, it is everchanging and dynamic. It was not long ago that the sector was doing print and post and now it has transformed into the field of Digital Marketing. And as we know digital Marketing itself is in a phase of the revolution. With the help of concepts like Big Data, Internet of Things, Analytics, etc., Industry 4.0 is taking its shape and paving the way for next-generation digital marketers. In such a scenario it becomes extremely important to pursue further education and learn the new concepts to climb the ladder of success in any organization since Industry requirements from Digital Marketers are also transforming


In general, the first step towards a career is taken at the school level where most people are herd follower i.e., they just follow what everyone around them is doing. The next step begins at college where people merely focus on getting whatever job they can get without looking at the future orientation.

Finally, when people have to work, they start to find the job boring and dissatisfactory. The result is that everyone is striving for a new career path that excites them and at the same time fulfill their financial needs. At such a phase of life, people tend to try different things. And what better thing which has such a huge future aspect.


Personal Development is more about investing in yourself so that you can cope up with the evolving technological changes. Digital Marketing is a field of work where you get to learn a lot of new skills that can be useful for any individual working at any level in the Industry.

With the constant rise in competitions among individuals, a post-graduate course on IoT and Social Media provide anyone with a specialized skill that makes them stand out of the crowd and pave a way for a secure and high paying career path.