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We are looking for a Professional Counselor (entry to middle level) with good understanding of professional higher education domain. The incumbent should have:

  • A clear understanding of Career oriented programs v/s vocational/DIY entry level courses.
  • Be able to help entry to mid level working professionals, CXOs and sincere students on how to select a right program amongst dime a dozen certification programs available around, which are confusing them because of their questionable credibility & industry relevance. However are still sold like a commodity by making marketing hype with discounts, offers, tele calling or non related celebrity endorsements.
  • Have understanding of IVY league learning format, Premier institutes and industry expectations while hiring on new age skill areas like digital social media, analytics etc.
  • Understanding of career aspirations and needs in terms of placements, appraisals, Industry switch or career change.
  • Have clear learning & development perspective towards upskilling, reskilling and complimenting present skill set and the overall impact on career progression.
  • Love to interact with career seekers/aspirants with compassion, empathy and genuine interest to help them in taking right decisions in new age careers that they normally don’t get from their family members, friends, peers or managers.
  • Keen to lead the career related events and camps in colleges, social media, embassies and professional associations.

Experience-1-8 Years (entry to mid level)