Boot Camp and Internship in

Content Writing, Building Online Influence and Story Telling

Who can apply: -

  • Class XI onwards.

Process: -

  • Step-I: Attend 12 sessions Boot Camp.
  • Step-II: Clear the Assessment and earn the certificate
  • Step-III: Get selected for 6 months Internship with a Digital Agency

Who is this for :

  • Students pursuing Commerce, Humanities, Liberal Arts
  • Interested to make a career in:
    • Creative Professions- Authorship, Influencer Marketing, Story/Script Writing, Agency/PR centric, Luxury and Lifestyle, Fashion &Modeling, Acting, Celebrity/Event management or Digital-Social Media
  • Planning to do:
    • Management studies, Mass Communication and related fields of study
About Boot Camp & Internship
Duration: 12 sessions | 2 Hours Each | School Premises | 3 days a week | Rs 1200 per student

What you will learn


Content Writing and Management using ODPEC Framework:
  • Create and Curate
  • Defining content deliverables


Celebrity Management and Personal Branding using KASA Framework:
  • PR and Persona creation
  • Influencer and perception building as a student


Manifestation Plan creation and Right Brain Activation to enhance Creative Quotient:
  • Themes
  • Hashtags
  • Keywords


Story Telling and Visualization:
  • Profile writing
  • Scenario Scripting
  • Communication Vs language Proficiency


Blogging and basics of Digital-Social Media :
  • Online profile Management- Facebook | Linkedin | Instagram | Youtube | TikTok
  • Blogging with Context and Quora
Certification : iMET Global
(*iMET Global is new age skill division of Pradurbhav Foundation , a section 8 company )

If interested

please drop a message (whatsapp) on 9810480827 or Click Link

About iMET Global-

iMET Global is a part of Pradurbhav Foundation, a section 8 company (a more legal format of a Trust/Society) committed towards new-age Education, Research and Social Welfare

It is a global community to develop, promote, and encourage innovation, Mentorship, Entrepreneurship, and Talent building with Practitioner’s or Doer’s perspective.

It was launched on April 2, 2011, at IIT Delhi (interestingly the same day we won our cricket world cup too!!).

buy cheap prednisone Community Essence of iMET–
iMET Global is for all Santiagos, Zahirs, Bridas, Chanakyas….or the future likes of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jack ma, Zuckerbergs; The ones who are the Kirks and Spocks of their own voyagers of discovery on the mission- ‘the quest of knowledge’ to make the difference beyond conventional living and aspiration.

iMET resonates with such beliefs and supports the efforts to make such big dreams happen in a BIGGER way. iMET thus helps such awakened souls to Collaborate -Co create and Co-exist .

You may be in a garb of a Student, Entrepreneur, Start-Up, Professional, SME, MSME; either from a developed to developing nation or from a big city to smaller one however set on making ‘extraordinaire’ the way of your life.

More on-

Day Duration
Curricuium 1 2

Unboxing – Digital, Social Media , and the world of IoT: What is Happening and the Careers options

  1. Introduction to Career Specific  Use of Digital/Social Media
  2. Introduction to IoT and the Careers options in the same
buy isotretinoin nz 2 2

How Digital –Social Media Works : Steps Involved and Tools to Study

  1. Prerequisites of a campaign
  2. Parameters to choose the right social medium for promotion
  3. Planning to Implementation of Social Calendar
3&4 4

Learning Digital Content-Create and Curate

  1. Introduction to Digital Story Telling
  2. Blogging and Copy Writing\
  3. Viral/Topical/Creative Content Development
5 2 Power of Visuals and Story Telling – Type and Kind of Visuals for Communication and Profile writing
6 2

Visual Tools and Online Platforms: Graphics and VFX and Quick Visual DIY

  1. Introduction to Graphic Tools – Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw
  2. Introduction to online tools – Canva
  3. Introduction to Video Editing Tools – Premier Pro, After Effects and more
7&8 4

Building Online presence with Website: DIY website building

  1. Basics of Website – Domain/Hosting /Template selection
  2. Website development using wordpress
  3. Integration of Analytics
9 2 Understand your Digital Pals-I: Facebook | Instagram
10 2 Know your Digital Pals-II  – YouTube | Video Logs
11 2 Know your Digital Pals-III  – Quora and Review Forums
12 2 Know you Digital Pals –IV- Linkedin and Blogging Forums
13 2

Building your own Social Media presence as a Student

  1. Soft skills and behavioural pattern exercises
  2. Practising flawless communication
  3. Knowledge expansion
14 2 How to become an Influencer Model on Social Media
15 2 Presentations and Wrap Up with Fun and Feast.