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Planning to take up MBA as career ?

Hello Readers!

MBA courses in India can be very expensive. Popular and recognized MBA institutions can cost approximately Rs. 25 lacs for their post-graduate programs. As a result, upon graduation students find themselves stuck in a vicious cycle of debt and uncertainty, because, conventional MBA is becoming redundant, especially after COVID, even students from premier B-Schools are compromising big time on their compensation.

In order to avoid the same pitfalls, I began exploring alternatives to the conventional MBA programs. My aim was to identify a specialized management program that was not only relevant to the changing business environment but would also give me a better return on investment.

During my research, I came across a post-graduation program in Digital Social Media and IoT. The program is an alternative MBA. According to a Forbes article, alternative MBA’s have a much better return on investment as compared to traditional MBA programs. They call it the next Netflix!!

The program I mentioned earlier is being offered by iMET Global and it has been recommended by India Today and Business World as one of the top courses to join if one wishes to secure a high paying job during a pandemic.

Also, iMET Global is a part of Pradurbhav Foundation for Skills and Social Development, a section 8 not-for-profit entity.

The course content seemed to be very relevant and up to date with the latest trends in the industry. In this blog, I will be going into further detail about some of the courses that are being offered by iMET Global.

The programs by iMET Global are going toe to toe with the best education institutes and I will help you investigate what value they bring to the table and how they are tailor-made to suit the needs of different sets of learners. So, let’s dive in.

  1. Global Post Graduation Program in Digital Social Media and IoT.
  2. Executive Certificate Program in Digital Social Media and IoT.
  3. Certificate Program in Digital Marketing and Analytics.

Global Post Graduate Program

The Global Post-graduate program offered by iMET is an alternative MBA designed to educate students in the field of Digital Social Media and IoT. Alternative MBAs have been gaining popularity for quite a while now, especially because of the effects of the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Publications like The Education times have acknowledged and documented the same. According to the estimations, almost 1.2 Billion students are out of the classroom as of now. This has led to a rise in the exploration of opportunities in digitally specialized fields like Big Data and Analytics, AI, IoT, Data Sciences and Digital Marketing. Especially in countries like India.

According to a forecast by Forbes, AI and IoT are set to create 58 million jobs worldwide by 2022.

Key Points :

  • The course is aimed at students who completed their under-graduation, are looking to join reputed institutions in order to up-skill and land high-paying jobs. The eligibility is primarily based on the learner’s GMAT or NMAT score.
  • Working professionals are also welcome; iMET goes by the “Diversity in Delivery” policy which makes sure that the delivery style is tailor-made to match the experience level of the batch.
  • The course is divided into 8 trimesters, with 12 months of classroom orientation and 12 months of live projects and internships to give the students hands-on experience.
  • The course is compliant with the New Education Policy(NEP) which means that the program content focuses on skill-based learning and not just theoretical knowledge.
  • The program follows an IVY League delivery style which follows the proprietary frameworks developed by the founder.
  • The institution is affiliated with an Italian University, UET, which allows students to complete 2 trimesters (including sessions + internships) at their Milan campus thus, resulting in certifying students with Dual Qualification.

Executive Certification Program (ECP) in Digital Social Media & IoT

The ECP in Digital Social Media and IoT is meant for working professionals who are looking to adapt and overhaul their careers in this fast-paced digital age. Professionals working in the entertainment industry, hospitality industry and tourism industry can benefit from this course as it would provide them with the flexibility to switch over to other industries.

ECP can also serve as a strong foundation for entrepreneurs looking to implement a digital strategy in their businesses. Professionals looking to rebrand themselves or reach out to their customers through digital mediums will benefit greatly through this course. This course will not only go over the various domains of digital marketing but will empower students to build effective digital strategies for their respective companies.

What I personally found interesting and appealing about this course, is that it offers the learners Lateral Placements. Most students found jobs through lateral placement within 45 days from the time of joining ECP.

The eligibility criteria for ECP is as follows:

  • Professionals who have experience from 1 – 15 years are eligible for the program.
  • The duration of this course is 6 Months.
  • Students enrolled in an MBA program can apply for this course.

The delivery format of the sessions is online so as to make sure it does not affect the work schedule of the working professionals.

The curriculum has a special emphasis on the following:

  • Digital Social Media and Brand Management.
  • Social Media campaign designs using proprietary frameworks.
  • Search Engine Marketing.
  • Big Data and Analytics.
  • Web Essential Management.
  • Social Media Optimization

Certificate Program in Digital Marketing and Analytics (CP)

The Certificate Program in Digital Marketing and Analytics is a 3 Month vocational course for Digital Marketing.

It offers an understanding of Digital Marketing and Social Media from the ground up with a special focus on Digital Marketing domains and related tools such as SEO, SEM, Website creation, Google Ad words, Analytics Further it covers Social Media Marketing like Quora, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and various others.

The sessions and classes would be conducted online to be flexible as it is open for everybody with a 12th Diploma and understanding of English.

It is a short yet complete course and if you are looking to give Digital Marketing a shot, you can easily go with this and come out on the other end much more skilled and with a better understanding of how to conduct these tools effectively and efficiently.

Further, the faculty of all three courses is comprised of industry experts and not teachers. So, when experts who are already out there on the ground, winning, teaches you how to win and guide you every step of the way, it relieves the unnecessary anxiety or doubts from your mind and gives you the confidence boost you need, to ensure you have the career of your dreams.