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Why Digital Marketing Is Best Career in 2020

The merits that Digital Marketing offers are in abundance and have already attracted a lot of people to join this sector professionally in the past years.

The graph of digital marketing has already seen a high rise, and is going to stretch more looking at the current time. One of the major advantages is, the industry incorporates several skills in marketing and syncs immensely with technology.

Advertising on online mediums requires interaction with different stakeholders that further needs good command in technical aspects like website development and graphics designing. So you see, even someone without a degree in marketing can benefit by maximizing his/her skills and grab several opportunities.

Let’s take an example and understand the same. We all know that website designing is a component of online marketing; so if an IT expert acquires the related experience in this sector, he can very well play an important role in a digital marketing company too.

Similarly this way a marketing professional can also learn some technical skills to enhance his/her grasp in the digitally enabled sector and improve by practicing practically and participating in live simulations and projects.

Working in digital marketing sector means being a part of a fast-paced environment where each day you get to learn something new and get to look beyond the horizon. An individual doing SEO, for instance, must keep his knowledge of algorithms up to date to have a clear vision and to keep a track of essential changes.

Marketers even have to keep up with the rules governing the internet and various channels. They should understand the criticality and nitty-gritties of social media guidelines and strategize things accordingly.

6 Things to Know about Digital Marketing which makes it exciting

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Importance of organic traffic is very important for online marketers. Google receives over 100 billion monthly searches. Any entity, commercial or not, wants to rank higher on search engines. A website cannot do well without a good flow of visitors, and thus business owners and individuals are often worried about it. And with competition increasing day by day, the requirement for optimization has grown more complex with time.

A website owner cannot use tricks like flooding keywords in their content or buy links. With search engines getting smarter, SEO professionals have gained brand new respect.

Additionally, local search has provided a ready marketplace for professionals as 50% of mobile searches are found to be visiting a web store at least once a day, making it very vital to businesses to expand their online presence. As long as online users will continue to find services online through search engines, organic traffic will remain important, which means SEO experts will have ample of jobs to try and excel in Digital Marketing.


2. Mobile Marketing

Future of mobile marketing is one of the most talked about as this area is the one that’s anticipated to gain popularity because of the soaring number of online users, especially via mobile phones. Having a mobile website is no longer negotiable for businesses operating in today’s markets.

A survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit had evidences of data that stated- 59% from the sample size of 499 industry experts mention mobile as a vital element because of the trending technology and that may create significant impacts in 2020, which is already being witnessed by everyone.

In just a brief period, marketers have incorporated strategies like text messages, QR codes, in-game mobile notifications, push notifications, and MMS. The arrival of mobile applications has also revolutionized how companies’ market via mobiles.

Now, enterprises are hiring developers for stylish and smarter apps for their brands. The mobile marketing industry will never run out of prospects, especially with 87% of adult internet users already on mobile.

3. E-commerce Marketing

E-commerce marketing is on boom side because of online retail stores emerging in large number lately. Consumers embrace the facility of shopping online as they find it pretty much convenient and time saving.

Entrepreneurs are investing in e-commerce businesses, which has become a quite successful way of generating leads in the recent couple of years. Whether it’s buying a classic novel or a car, online retailers have made work easy for shoppers.

E-commerce marketing aims to market these online merchandisers to consumers. The scope of electronic businesses is increasing as concepts like mobile and online payment have fostered. New trends ultimately give rise to more opportunities and thus need for experts and helping hands.

Managing work professionally in e-commerce markets is yet another area to look at. Titles like Director of E-commerce, E-commerce Marketing Strategist, and E-commerce Analyst are just a few stated from many that experts hold.


4. Content Marketing

Digital marketing managers have come to terms with the importance of content creators within the field. Content is one factor that drives digital marketing. Whether it’s a PPC ad, social media post, or a blog, content can break or make the whole strategy. It is much more than just one liners now!

Good content raises awareness of solutions and educates the customer about products. Finding creators to fill the awareness gap and deliver quality material has never been easy, and this is where content writers play a vital job.

Working as a content manager is one such path an aspiring digital marketer can take and contribute considerably to the industry.


5. Social Media Marketing

Social Media posts that go viral are a magic recipe to increase visibility and presence of a business. Social media may have begun as a way for people to connect online, but today the dynamics have changed and it has evolved into something much more.

Businesses now a days, carry on their branding process by advertising almost everything on social networking mediums. It is the nature of social media that makes it easy for companies to interact, engage with customers. Consumers can post reviews, give opinions, or make complaints in just a couple of seconds.

Social media managers have grown tremendously and are considered the most crucial players within the marketing world. Digital transformation expert, Daniel Newman, says that “Social Media is No Longer a Marketing Channel, it’s a Customer Experience Channel”.


6. Online Reputation Management

Stabilizing reputation of a brand these days is a difficult task with everything being posted online. A simple post or an image on social network can ruin an entire brand, and that is why it becomes really necessary to possess the knowledge to handle it. What if your online presence is not secure? It can open doors through which individuals with malicious intent can destroy entities with the stroke of a key.

As people use the web more, these risks will continuously increase; hence, demanding professional intervention to prevent occurrence of any such situation. ORM is thus here for the foreseeable future.

It is not surprising that many people are keeping an eye on opportunities related to digital marketing considering its growth and the benefits it has to offer. For individuals with such intentions, it’s advisable to upskill themselves and keep up with the required knowledge as they’d do in any other profession.

Start by analyzing your talents and make a note where they can be applied the most. A person with a knack for social media can polish his/her skills to manage business accounts. Someone good at analytics can focus on digital marketing analysis, which is another area expected to thrive.

Conduct research on the various career choices and what companies require. Be a DIY genius, a pro at analytics, enhance your creativity, and elevate your understanding of data-driven metrics because all this is going to set you apart! Get ready to roll in the world of digital marketing and have an edge over others.